Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Gift

Today I was finally able to visit a very special lady that I have been wanting to visit for some time now, but for some reason or another it never worked out for me to visit her until now.  This afternoon Felipe, Sophia and I walked to the home of a mother who was going through her first Mother's Day without her 10 year old son.  I wrote about this family here on our blog a while back (you can read the story here).

We went with the purpose of giving this precious mother a Mother's Day gift of photos of her recently deceased son, Mario*, who participated here at the Lighthouse.  Photos may not seem like such an amazing gift, but here in the slum many people do not have cameras or even take photos very often.  We often take photos of the children here at the Lighthouse so we were able to pass on a few photos (my friend Beckie had saved) of Mario enjoying playing and just being with other kids.  Here is one of the photos we passed onto her of Mario talking with a friend looking out over the slum.  He is the one on the right. 
This mother has very few photos of Mario, so this gift was priceless to her.  She even began to cry and kiss the photos as she looked through them. She was so thankful to recieve this simple gift, and we were happy to bless her with it.

This mother amazes me.  She told us today that she is still experiencing a deep pain due to the loss of her son, but that God is her strength.  She is leaning on Him in the midst of the pain and tragedy that she has faced.  She is an example to me and to many. Please continuing praying for her and her family. For God to strengthen them, show them His amazing love, and continue to bring His healing comfort.

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