Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Homework Assignment

As I have shared before, at the moment I am doing a YWAM training school called Foundations of Community Development (FCD school).

As part of my homework for the school we must read books (dealing with community development), write a report (identifying principles of community development) and then also make something creative that reflects a principle we found in the book.

I just finished reading the book  Discipling Nations:The Power to Transform Cultures, by Darrow L. Miller. I learned many things from this book, but most of all I was challenged and encouraged to be a person that brings God's TRUTH to everyday life, to the culture where I am. 

Here is a look at my creative homework assignment!  It has to do with WORLDVIEW... What is worldview?  It is basically the way you see the world...

As presented in the book Discipling Nations,
"Those seeking to live and impact society across cultures must examine worldview in 3 critical areas."(page 36).

 "First, they must know their personal worldview which is usually derived from their nation's dominant culture or their minority's sub-culture." 
Here is a visual representation of me and my culture.  I am taking a look at me, my culture, and the various aspects of my culture.  All these things have influenced my worldview, or my way of seeing the world. 

"Secondly, they must study the worldview of the people with whom they are living and working."   
I am constantly studying and learning about Brazilian culture and specifically the worldview of the children and people living here in the slum of Cafezal.

"Thirdly, Christians must become consciously Christian, repenting of their false views and embracing God's reality." 
God is taking me through this process as well... I want to bring the truth of God, His reality, His heart and what He thinks and says about life - to the world around me, the culture of the slum where I live. I want to see His kingdom come on earth!

Sophia enjoying looking in the mirror, which was on one of the pages of my assignment...

Hope you enjoyed a look at my homework assignment. I am enjoying making creative things like this and being "in school" again! 

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