Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Wedding of Luiza and Jonas

"God is now fulfilling a life dream that I have had for many years, " said Luiza (the bride) as she asked me to photograph her wedding.   Luiza is already a mother to three grown children. The groom, Jonas, also has a history of his own.  The couple was married this past Saturday, May 21st. 

Here in the slum (where the couple live), it is extremely common for people to just live together and call themselves "married".  Luiza and Jonas decided to not just live together, but to follow the Word of God and get officially married in a church.

The wedding started quite later than expected (like most weddings do here in Brazil) and it was held in a simple, small church called Acts II.  Although the church was small, a great number of people were present to honor and support both Luiza and Jonas in their celebration of marriage.

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