Friday, June 24, 2011

A-B-C Easy As 1-2-3

 As I have shared before, I am doing a YWAM course called the Foundations of Community Development School and I have various projects and assignments throughout the school.
Here is the latest creative project I made (with lots of help from Sophia and Felipe).  We made a video to creatively present the Biblical principle that parents have an important role in the education of their children.

The video was a family project and we had lots of fun being silly, filming and taking photos!  Enjoy the video!

Also, here is an exert (taken from my report of the book: An Introduction to the Old Testament Template, by Landa Cope), where  I explain a bit more about the principle presented in the video.  
In the book,  An Introduction to the Old Testament Template, Landa Cope writes that worldwide educators agree, if a parent is involved in their child’s education then the child will learn more.  Cope also points out that God has called parents to be actively involved in the education of their children, as there are many Scriptures that clearly reveal how God has given parents the authority and the responsibility to teach their children (p. 119).   

Children learn by example, therefore children are constantly absorbing and observing everything that is going on at home. Cope writes that children will automatically take in beliefs and values that are modeled as an example in the family.  Parents need to be aware that in everything they are doing (consciously or unconsciously) they are educating, teaching, and passing on a value system.  As Christians, Cope believes, we need to be intentional in teaching God’s view on the everyday activities of life (p.120). 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Sign Language

When our friends from the USA visited us (Tom and Amy Walker, and at the time - their 18 month old daughter Lydia) we were introduced to baby sign language.  Lydia has been learning baby sign language from My Baby Can Talk videos and her parents have reinforced the signs in their daily routine.

Felipe and I were amazed at how much Lydia could communicate through sign language.  She could make signs to communicate her needs when a word was too difficult to speak.  We then decided to teach Sophia baby sign language and have been using the videos from the 3 part series of My Baby Can Talk. We have also learned various signs on our own and have taught these signs to Sophia.

At the moment, Sophia can make the signs for the following 10 words.

  This was Sophia's first sign and it is the sign she has most used. She responds to the word "more" both in English and Portuguese.  She loves to make this sign to ask for more food. In the photo she was really excited and making the sign super fast and in "her" way!
Sophia makes this sign when ever she sees or hears a bird.  She always points and wiggles her finger to make this sign.

3. HAT
  This is one of Sophia's favorite signs.  She always likes to make this sign when she is wearing a hat or sees someone wearing a hat.
Sophia LOVES books and often makes this sign and says "boo" for book!

Here is a video of us at church and Sophia is asking to read a book, using baby sign language.

Surprisingly, one of Sophia's first words in baby sign language.

6. EAT
Sophia uses this sign to say she wants to eat and also to express that she wants to eat more, as she is doing in this photo.

7. DONE 
Sophia makes this sign when she wants something to be over.  She makes this sign at the end of every meal and to tell me she is done getting her diaper changed.
 In this photo Sophia wants me to "be done" putting her shoes on her.
8. DOG
Sophia (with a mouth full of food) calling Humble, the Lighthouse dog, by patting her side.

9.  BABY
Sophia makes this sign when she sees my friend Joyce's newborn baby.

10.  BALL  
Sophia makes this sign almost the same as book, but she also is saying the word "ball" so we can tell the difference.

Sophia is in the process of learning more signs and so sometimes she makes the signs for the following words:  BATH, SHOES, SOCKS, DADDY, CAT, HELP and PLEASE.
Since Sophia is also talking, she is beginning to say certain words instead of signing the word.   She already is saying the words "done" "book" "dog" and "ball"  therefore making these signs less than before.

Another great resource, if you are interested in teaching your baby sign language, is the My Smart Hands website which shows videos on how to teach various words in baby sign language to your child.

We are really enjoying using baby sign language with Sophia.  She has been able to better communicate herself, which reduces frustration. 

It is amazing to see Sophia's growth and development!  I am amazed at how God created this tiny baby and now she is turning into a walking and communicating little girl...  I feel privileged to be a part of this process of teaching and nurturing our sweet Sophia as she is journeying through life.