Friday, June 10, 2011

Jesus is our friend ALL the time!

As I have shared before, at the moment I am doing a YWAM training course called the Foundations of Community Development school.  I, along with the other students in the school, recently planned and organized a Sunday afternoon program for the children in the slum.

A photo of us students in action, planning for the Sunday afternoon children's program.

We students worked together as a team and worked hard to create a fun filled children's program that would teach an important Biblical principle.  The theme of our afternoon was "Jesus is our friend ALL the time!"  We talked about how Jesus wants to be a part of our lives at all hours of the day, no matter where we are or who we are.  Jesus loves us, wants to be an active part of our lives and simply wants to be our friend.

Below are some photos of our preparations and the actual Sunday afternoon program. We made colorful decorations, wrote and performed a funny drama, sang songs and also did a follow-up activity with the children.  We had lots of fun and the kids absolutely loved the drama we performed!  Felipe and I both were actors in the drama so enjoy seeing our silly side here in the photos!

Making the decorations and blowing up balloons!
Sophia enjoying watching us practice the drama!
The stage is SET!  Decorations completed!
In costume, before the program began.
Worship with the kids!
 Felipe explaining the Lighthouse Community Center rules!
 The drama begins...  Grandma begins to tell a story, "Once upon a time..."
I am the Pastor and Felipe is Jesus...
and the drama continues...
 A happy, dancing Jesus!
 More Worship!
Jesus shows to be a faithful friend, when we are at home...
 At school...
 Or at a party... Jesus is with us wherever we are, always ready to help us!  This is the message we wanted to pass on the kids.
 We had a time of prayer at the end of the program and then divided into small groups to do a hands-on activity with the children.

The children were to draw or cut out pictures that would represent how Jesus is with them at home, at school, at church and in the community.  We wanted this activity to reinforce the principle we had just taught in the program.

The children were able to take their activity home to share with their families and to remind themselves how Jesus is with them all the time and He wants to be their friend.  We feel God touched the hearts of many kids and that they really understood this important truth. We were thankful for a great afternoon with these precious kids!

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