Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Adventure!

We have BIG news... We are going on a new adventure!
God has brought an opportunity to us and we felt compelled to respond and serve.

We as a family will be going on a short-term missions trip (as we like to think of it) for a few months.  
 Until we go to the USA in October, we will be temporarily living and serving at another ministry here in Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL within our Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base.  We serve with YWAM Belo Horizonte a mercy ministry missions base which focuses on reaching children at risk through a network of various ministries. Click here to see the official YWAM Belo Horizonte website.

The ministry we will be working with is called Casa REFUGIO or the REFUGE House.  It is a shelter for abandoned children with HIV/AIDS.  

To make a long story short, the Refuge House is in the process of closing down permanently as a shelter for children.  There are currently two boys still living at the shelter, and there are only two full-time staff caring for the boys, one being the leader and founder of the ministry, Carla.  We will be serving at the Refuge House because there is an extreme need for staff to help take care of the two precious boys still remaining at the shelter.  
Our family in front of the Refuge House Ministry with leader and founder, Carla, a missionary from Holland.
At the moment my little house is a mess!  I am in the process of cleaning, organizing, and packing up most of our clothes, some books and kitchen essentials to move to the Refuge house for the next few months!  Of course we will be taking our new kitten Amora along, which we know the boys will love!

Here is a little information about the REFUGE House taken from the YWAM Belo Horizonte official website.

Thousands of children are born each year with the HIV virus which eventually causes AIDS. At this present time, there are approximately 40 million people in the world with HIV/AIDS, of whom more than 2 million are children.  

In 1992 the Refuge House was opened to take in orphaned and abandoned children with HIV/AIDS. Up until today, it is one of very few evangelical shelters for children with HIV/AIDS in South America.

An international team of staff live with the children in the Refuge House to look after them in a family environment and teach them that God is a loving father. The children in the Refuge House are like any other child. They play, dirty their clothes, laugh and cry. Besides the usual necessities, like a healthy diet, they also need special medical, psychological and educational attention.

A big challenge is to find families to adopt the children. Even so, more than thirty children from the Refuge House have been taken in by new families. But we need many more evangelical families who can adopt!

 Please pray for the adoption of the two boys who are still living at the Refuge House. We are hoping they will find good homes where they can encounter the love and acceptance of a family.

Please be in prayer for the ministry of the Lighthouse Community Center and the 2 missionaries (Dave from England and Maarten from Holland) who will be leading the Lighthouse while we are away for the next 5 months.

Also please pray for us, the Matias Family, as we work with the two boys at the Refuge House.  We need the Lord's wisdom and guidance in all we do and we truly want to be a blessing to this ministry.  We sense this is something God has called us to do for this short season and feel it will be a special time of growth for us on many levels.
Stay tuned, as we will write more here on our blog about our adventures of serving at the Refuge House.

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