Friday, July 15, 2011

Our First Week at the Refuge House

We have been here at the Refuge House for 5 days now!  We arrived Monday afternoon with a lot of our things, settled a bit into our new home and started working with the boys right away.

We are enjoying all the space in our temporary home. It is quite large compared to our little round house at the Lighthouse.  We feel very blessed to be living in such a lovely and spacious place. Here are a few photos of our apartment!
This week we have been spending lots of time with the two boys who are still living here at the Refuge House. We have been playing with them, cleaning together with them, learning their daily routines, and simply spending time getting to know the boys better.

Felipe has really been enjoying playing with the boys.  Over the next few months Felipe is going to have so much fun "playing" and the boys are totally loving this attention and interaction.  So far, the boys have enjoyed playing cops and robbers, video games and of course the favorite game of most Brazilian boys - soccer.  During the first night of working with the boys, after a time of running around outside, Felipe came into the kitchen out of breath proclaiming,"I am so out of shape!"

Today, Friday, is our first day off after an intense week of moving here mixed with a busy schedule of meetings (Felipe had to go to) and also working with the boys.  Sophia and I (Laura) also have been a bit sick fighting off a allergy/cough thing.  We had today off from work to rest and settle into our house some more and then this weekend we will be caring for one of the boys named Daniel*. We will be his host-family for the weekend!

Daniel is a beautiful and sweet 11 year old boy who loves helping and spending time with people.  Daniel and I have spent lots of time this week putting together these puzzles.  Daniel loves puzzles!
In our new home here at the Refuge House, there is a spare room that is connected (from the outside of the house) to our house.   It was an office/storage space, but this week we have cleaned out this spare room and we are in the process of making it into a nice bedroom for Daniel.  He will be moving from his bedroom downstairs to sleep upstairs near our family.  Of course Daniel is SUPER excited and happy about living so close to us!   
Daniel has lived here at the Refuge House since he was 3 years old.  Basically, life here at the Refuge House is all Daniel has ever known.  I see the amazing love and mercy of God so clearly over Daniel's life.  God has protected Daniel from so much because he has grown up here. The Refuge House has literally been a place of refuge for him. I praise God for this!  However, I am also saddened because Daniel has spent most of his life here, instead of being in a family.  We are praying for Daniel to be adopted by a loving Christian family.  Please pray together with us for this! 

*The name has been changed for the protection of the child.

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