Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brazilian Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day here in Brazil.  Yes, in Brazil Father's Day is celebrated in August not in June, but silly me got the dates mixed up (being different than the US) therefore the Matias Family celebrated Brazilian Father's Day last Sunday. Opps!

In honor of this special day I wanted to share one of my favorite photos of my husband, Felipe, and our daughter, Sophia.  I took this photo (with Felipe's help) while we were on vacation at the beginning of the year.  This photo speaks so much to me...
It speaks of the joy of a Father delighting over his daughter.  It shows a father who loves, who cares, who enjoys being with and spending time playing and interacting with his child.  
It also shows a daughter delighting and trusting in her father.  While we were shooting this photo Sophia was laughing so much and enjoying every moment of Felipe throwing her high into the air.  It brought joy to my heart to see this and I am thankful this precious moment was captured in a photo.

I am encouraged by this photo in so many ways. I am encouraged to trust in my loving Father God more. I want to be joyously carefree and trusting in the strong arms of my Father God, like Sophia is in this photo.  When Father God desires to throw me into the air, I want to trust and enjoy the gift of the adventure He is giving me.

  I am also reminded of important truths when I look at this photo.  I am reminded that my Father God delights in me. He loves me and He even likes me. He enjoys just being with me and making me smile.  He is present. He smiles.  He accepts me in His arms. He is a good Father who loves unconditionally. The Father heart of God is expressed beautifully through this image. 
I am a person who thinks of a song for every occasion. My mind is literally like a radio with music flowing through it all day, so when I look at this photo I am also reminded of  a Brazilian worship song called Te Amo Deus or in English - I Love You God.

Here is a portion of the song in Portuguese and my translation in English... 

 Vou olhar em Teus olhos        I look into Your eyes 
           Vou jogar-me em Teus braços        I throw myself into Your arms   
                        Como criança me gira no ar        Like a child You throw me into the air

                        Este é o instante que eu espero        This is the moment that I am waiting for
       Este é o momento que eu mais quero       This is the moment that I most want
                                        A hora de te encontrar        The time to meet with You, to be with You
To listen to the whole song click here.
To end this post I want to wish my Brazilian husband a very 
HAPPY Brazilian Father's Day!
  Felipe, you are an amazing father that reflects the heart and character of our Father God to Sophia, to me and to many others. Thank you for your love, your example and allowing God to reveal Himself through your life as a father.
You are the BEST!!!

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