Friday, November 4, 2011

Felipe's First Fall

We are enjoying the fall in the USA!  At 28 years old, Felipe is finally seeing his first fall ever and enjoying taking many photos.  Enjoy this post of a few photos documenting some of our fall adventures!
The majesty and greatness of our amazing God is seen so clearly through this colorful season.  
Every day as I look out the window I am in awe of how creative and beautiful the Lord is.  I am reminded of His goodness, His beauty, His death and how ultimately death brings forth life.  I remember Jesus and His great LOVE.
I see change before my eyes and it is beautiful.
I am reminded that in life change brings forth beautiful things. I am inspired to hope, to dream, to seek to know my Creator more.
  This fall I am inspired by His love and His beauty and I pray you will be too.
Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Sophia is continually falling asleep in the car.  I love the beauty of her sweet peaceful face...

Sophia celebrating Halloween with new friends in Raleigh, NC!
 Enjoying the cozy little guest house where we are staying in the Raleigh, NC area.  The Lord blessed us with a free place to stay on some beautiful land out in the country.  We are being refreshed and renewed.  I praise Him!
The wonder of the season!

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