Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Perfect Day for Making Memories

What are some of your most fondest memories of childhood?  

What are the things you most remember with JOY from when you were just a kid? 

For me, I nostalgically remember playing "beauty pageant" with my two older sisters.  As a talent, we would stand and dance on top of the sofa (our stage) and sing along with our favorite songs from the radio, using a hairbrush as a microphone.  Sometimes my sisters would make me be the judge of the contest, and my oldest sister Becky always loved me being the judge because I would "help" her win.

  I also remember sunny summer days fishing at the pond in my grandma's backyard - using corn on the cob as my bate. (Who wants to mess with squiggly worms?)   My grandma's house was once a full working farm so she always had tons of animals everywhere and of course I loved this!  I also remember long walks in the fields surrounding her house, picking juicy blackberries and then later eating the berries in a warm cobbler with sweet vanilla ice cream on top.
These are just a few of my favorite memories from childhood...

This past Sunday, the boys who live here in the Cafezal slum made some wonderful childhood memories here at the Lighthouse Community Center!  

Felipe recently was cleaning up the area around the swimming pool and decided to take away an old plastic pool cover, since it was not helping the condition of our pool and taking up lots of space.  Felipe had the idea to spread the pool cover out over the hillside, lather it up with soap and water and  then let the boys from the slum slide down the hill on the pool cover.  

The boys had a BLAST! 

Pure FUN!

As you can see, even Sophia joined in on the FUN!  The boys were so sweet and gentle with her as they helped her slide down the hill. Our adventurous daughter was ALL smiles and loved every minute!



Without a doubt, I think this past Sunday was a day that many of these boys will never forget.  An unusual simple afternoon of pure fun with friends at the Lighthouse Community Center.  Many of these kids come from harsh realities with broken families.  Childhood is often stolen away from children living in slums today. Yet, on Sunday afternoon, their childhood was awakened...  They were able to just be kids.

Moments like these make being in missions all worth it.  THEY are worth it!  Investing in the lives of these children, spending quality time with them, giving them opportunities to make childhood memories, teaching them that life is good because our God is GOOD and He wants to redeem all things - this is our passion of working with children living in at risk situations.

 It was a perfect day for making memories...

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