Sunday, February 19, 2012

Around Here...

Lately it has been a challenge to take photos of Sophia. 
She does not like to look at the camera, because her Daddy is always pointing the camera at her beautiful brown eyes.

However, the above photo came from a intimate moment between me and my
beautiful Sophia, while we were playing and laughing together around our house. 

One day recently I decided to wake up really early to take a photo from the top of the Lighthouse Community Center.
I took the photo from a really high place.  Soon I want to go back to this spot to take more photos. 

A view of the swimming pool late at night.

It rains a lot here, and often the rain comes along with lightning bolts and thunder.

The plants are thankful for an abundance of rain.  The grass is green and growing quickly.  Just a few days ago I finished cutting all the grass and suddenly all of it is growing back again.

This photo came from a revelation God gave me.  I wanted to share this revelation with my team here at the Lighthouse Community Center this year, so I took this photo.  I believe that the Lord has called us to a new moment in Him.  
It is time for us to take off!

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