Sunday, February 12, 2012

February so Far...

We are not even half way through the month of February, but so much has already happened so far.  We have been busy!

Last weekend, Felipe was traveling (by train to be exact), leaving Sophia and I at home for a girls' weekend! We missed daddy, but had a good weekend together just us girls.

 Felipe enjoyed taking photos and seeing the beautiful Brazilian country-side as he traveled to the state of Espirito Santo (translated Holy Spirit) to take photos of a wedding,  Isn't it cool there is a state named this?

Felipe was one of the official photographers at a wedding of two YWAM missionaries who are friends of ours and serve with us here at YWAM Belo Horizonte. 

Congratulations Rodolpho and Luciana!
To see more wedding photos click here.

Felipe returned late Sunday night and then Monday morning we began our special TEAM WEEK here at the Lighthouse Community Center.   Almost all the missionaries who serve here with us are back from vacation and ready to start the programs and activities that we run here for the families and children living in the slum.  

Our most recent team photo, taken on Monday!

This week our team spent time praying, worshiping, seeking God, spending time together as a team and planning and preparing for 2012.  It was a productive week full of meetings!  We are expecting God to do great things in this new season of our ministry!

This week I led the team in a creative activity about VISION.  We all creatively recorded the visions and priorities God was giving us personally for 2012 on a sheet of paper.

This is Felipe's and my finished product!  We hung our visions up in our house to be reminded of the things God is calling us to during 2012.

 We also had a fun night out eating ice cream with the Lighthouse team and family!

Beautiful Sara Joy, the daughter of our friends and team members Joyce and Aldenito.  She was all smiles!

Nunes, the Lighthouse swimming coach/teacher, and son enjoying the evening.

Sophia was completely serious and focused on  eating her ice cream.  She loves ice cream!

We also had our first YWAM Belo Horizonte worship service of 2012 here at the Lighthouse Community Center on Thursday night. The missionaries who serve in the various ministries of YWAM Belo Horizonte came together to worship and celebrate the presence of the Lord!

This weekend we were able to spend time with Felipe's family, who live here in Belo Horizonte.  Now that I am driving it is much easier for us to go and visit them.  If we were to go to their house by city bus it would take us anywhere from 1 and half hours to 2 hours just to arrive.  Sophia is enjoying riding around town in the Lighthouse VW van.
  I am extremely thankful to have family living here.  Being so far from the USA and my family, it really helps to have Felipe's mom and siblings living close by.  They are a huge blessing to our lives.

And Sophia absolutely loves her Tia (Aunt) Renata!

It has been a full and fulfilling February so far!

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