Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our First Week

We just ended our first week of the girls' group here at the Lighthouse Community Center.  It was a great first two sessions, as we only meet twice a week - on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30 with girls ages 9-12, who live here in the slum of Cafezal.

I am co-leading this group along with my friend, Alynena (pictured above with me).  She is also a missionary from the USA.  I like having another American girl here at the Lighthouse with me!  We are a good team!  We are already enjoying our group of 9 girls, but we are praying for God to send more girls to join our group.  Please pray with us for this! 

Here is a look at what we did this week...  We had a laid back first week.

Tuesday we discussed the Lighthouse Rules, laid down some expectations for the year, learned each others' names by playing fun games and played in the Lighthouse park.

Thursday, I led a Bible Study about being thankful even in hard situations, we ended our time singing a few worship songs (the girls love to sing, but were a bit shy at the same time).  We then had a center time where the girls completed various activities and games in small groups.  
 We ended Thursday morning by swimming in the Lighthouse swimming pool.  The girls absolutely loved the pool and it was a nice treat to swim, as it was a super sunny and hot day.

I am expectant for the time we are going to spend with these precious girls this year.  Each girl is so beautiful, so precious, so different and already we can see a lot of their personalities - even though we have had just two days together.  We also already see how these girls have a good group dynamic - that is encouraging to see so soon. 

It truly was a great first week together!  I am looking forward to next week with these precious girls!

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