Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Full House!

We have a FULL house here at the Lighthouse Community Center!  Currently about 30 people are living and participating in some way in the activities going on here.

On April 9th, a YWAM training school called Foundations of Community Development (FCD) started.  I did this school last year and had an awesome experience.  The five students participating in the FCD school will be living here at the Lighthouse for the next 3 months, learning about community development and sharing life with us.  We are super happy they are here!

To read more about the FCD course click here!

This past Monday, a team from a YWAM base in Los Angeles arrived here to serve short-term at the Lighthouse.  There are 12 young people on this team from 7 different nations - Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, United States, South Korea and Norway. They are here completing their Discipleship Training School (DTS) Outreach phase and will be here until the end of April.

Between the Lighthouse staff, students of the FCD school, and this short-term missions team, there are 10 different nations represented here at the Lighthouse at the moment! Here are the nations listed: Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, United States, South Korea and Norway. I think this is AWESOME!  Many nations are united for the purpose of bringing glory to God!

As I am observing so many people here at the Lighthouse Community Center, I am in awe of a God who works so personally and beautifully in the lives of His children.  I see Him at work in everyone who is here at the moment - from the Lighthouse missionaries, the FCD students, to the DTS team.

I see the students of the FCD going to class and I know they are being challenged, learning powerful truths and growing in their calling and walk with God.  The school is such a special season of growth in God, and I know this from experience... 

I am also observing the YWAM team from LA and I remember my Discipleship Training Outreach (I went to Thailand).  Each person on the team is growing in faith and stepping out to do new things that many of them have never done before.  Many of them are seeing what life is like in a slum and are face to face with great needs in the world.

Felipe is directly overseeing the DTS outreach team from Los Angeles and has been very busy working with them and with various organizational things the past week. Soon, I hope to share more specifically about some of the ways the LA team has been serving and blessing lives here in the slum.
Pray for us all here at the Lighthouse during this busy season!  May God be glorified in all our lives and use this ministry for the honor, glory and love of HIS Name!
May His Kingdom Come here in the Cafezal Slum and in the world!

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