Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hawaii Bound, if all the doors OPEN!

As many of you know, my husband Felipe is a very talented photographer.   As you may NOT know, Felipe is completely self-taught.  Everything he has ever learned with photography he learned through studying photography manuals, watching tutorials online and of course through hands-on experience with a camera.

For some time now, we as a family have been praying and thinking about the possibility of Felipe taking some kind of photography course to invest in and develop this God given-gift and talent of photography. Then we learned about a Youth With A Mission (the missions organization we serve with) Photography School, which combines both of Felipe's passions - missions and photography! 

We prayed about the possibility of Felipe applying for this photography training and sensed God leading us to step out in faith and apply.  Our continual prayer has been, "Lord, if  You want this, OPEN THE DOORS.  Not our will, but Yours Father...

Felipe found out just last week he was accepted into the School of Photography, which will take place January through March of 2013!
The first door was opened!

 Felipe was chosen to be 1 of the few 16 students that are accepted each year to take part in the School of Photography, which is an intense 3 month photography course held at a YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii!  Click here to check out their awesome website.  What a beautiful and wonderful place to do a photography school, don't you think?
Every year many people apply for this YWAM photography school, but few are chosen.  Felipe was chosen!

The first door was OPENED!  Felipe was chosen to be a part of the school!  We are rejoicing, yet realistically we are still facing a few more "doors" that need to be opened in order for us to be able to physically go to Hawaii so Felipe can do this photography training.

The next door we are trusting God to open is regarding Felipe's visa status. We just learned that Felipe can NOT go to the USA on the visa he currently has, but must change it since he will be doing a type of schooling.  This was a surprise to us and is just one more challenge we are facing...

The last door we need God to open for us is in the area of finances.  Between now and January we need to raise enough money to pay for the Photography School, room and board fees, health insurance, ect...  Plus on top of that, we need to buy plane tickets from Brazil to Hawaii for our family, which will be a family of four by then!  We made a general estimate of how much we will need (what we know of so far), and it already comes to over $10,000.  WOW!

Raising this MUCH money is a HUGE stretch of faith for us as a family! We are praying and seeking God already in how to go about raising these much needed funds.  Please pray with us!  If you would like to donate a gift towards this cause or have any creative ideas in how to help us raise this money, please let us know.  Your help in any way is very welcome!

We really sense God is giving us this opportunity to go to YWAM Hawaii, not only for Felipe to grow in the area of photography, but also as an opportunity for us as a family to learn and grow in our walk with God and the calling He has on our lives as missionaries.

We are SUPER excited that we may be Hawaii bound, if all the doors open...  Yet we are continually placing our lives in the Lord's hands.
  His will be done! 

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