Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's Not a Race

At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to take on a personal challenge of reading the Bible in one year.  It really has been a challenge, but God is revealing His heart and His perspective to me and this is good!

During the month of January, I was on top of all my daily readings and I was doing really well!  Then February and March came and I was HIT full force with pregnancy SUPER fatigue!   There were days I would sit down to have quiet time, and then suddenly my quiet time would turn into a much needed afternoon nap.  The past few weeks I have been gradually playing catch up with my readings, and now I am back on track with my 12 month reading plan...

During the set back time I was getting a little discouraged, but I determined myself to push on.  I figured reading the Bible in a year plus a few extra weeks or months is better than not trying at all! 

One night, I was telling my husband how I was getting a little discouraged with trying to read the Bible in one year because I was getting so behind in my daily readings.  He gently told me, " My love, it's not a race."

  It was SO funny that he would say those exact words to me because my mom had also told me the exact same thing just weeks before.  The exact same words!   I knew the Lord was trying to speak His loving encouragement to my heart.  He is so faithful and tender to do that....  Through all this I felt God speaking that He does not want me to rush and race through reading His Word.  He lovingly wants me to know and grow in relationship with Him.

So this phrase has been bouncing around in my heart ever since.
  "It's not a race."
  I don't want to rush or race time just to accomplish the goal of reading the Bible in one year's time.  My ultimate goal, my heart's cry, is to know the Lord more and to grow in His Word, taking time daily to read truth and fix my eyes on Him.   Reading the Bible in one year is just a way, a tool, to help me accomplish this...

So I have decided. I am going to keep on pressing on, but remembering all the while... "It's not a race."   It is all about RELATIONSHIP with an amazing and loving God!

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