Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sharing the Gospel

Today in the girls' group, we shared the story and gospel of Jesus Christ... 

To follow-up the Easter season we shared part of the Jesus Film (a version made for kids) and then I led a hands-on activity reviewing the story of Jesus' death and resurrection with various objects.  Actually the activity I did is often called "Resurrection Eggs" (click here to see how I made my own resources).

All the girls listened attentively and respectfully participated as they were learning about Jesus.   However, I noticed that two of the girls were particularly impacted by the film and the words spoken today.
  One girl, we could tell, has never learned much about God or Jesus. She has been to church very little in her life and her parents are not believers.  This little girl is the youngest in our group and it is amazing to watch her learn of God for the first time here at the Lighthouse.  We pray her heart would be open to God as she continues to hear about His love for her.

Another girl seemed to be soaking in every single word during this special time of talking about Jesus' death and resurrection.  She paid careful attention to every detail that was spoken and presented.  I could see a hunger and a sweet tenderness in her towards the Lord. It is beautiful, as I can literally see God working in her.

We spent some time in prayer, praying as a group, for Jesus to be Lord of our lives... The girls were shy to pray aloud, but we did it all together - repeating a simple prayer of invitation to the Lord.

During this special time, I was thinking about how simple yet how complicated sharing the gospel is...  I shared a bit about my own life and how I accepted Jesus. I simply shared about God's hope and love and because of Jesus' death and resurrection we have forgiveness and relationship with the Father...  It is challenging to wrap your mind around the vastness and complexity of it all... Yet, at the same time, the gospel of Christ is so simple.  I know He is REAL. I know Jesus loves me.  I believe in Him and trust Him!

After the group my heart was stirred with many thoughts and questions...

Did the girls understand?
  Was I clear enough?  Did I explain it well?
  God, what are you doing in them? 
I felt the gentleness of the Lord as He spoke, "Trust Me..."  
I must trust God is at work.  It is His Holy Spirit at work in these girls' hearts and lives.   I am simply an instrument allowing God's love and message to flow through my life.  Ultimately, He is revealing Himself to them.  

I was also reminded of this verse...

And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?
 And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?
 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?
 As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"
   ~ Romans 10:14-15 ~

God has sent me here to tell them of His great LOVE and I pray they will know Him intimately and powerfully.  Please pray with us for these precious girls.  It is our prayer that they would come to truly believe in Christ and live a transformed, abundant life in Him.
  A life of HOPE and a life with a great FUTURE!  
 That is what many of these girls need in the harsh reality they face everyday, living life in a slum.
There is LIFE and HOPE because of the gospel of Jesus Christ!
  He ROSE again from the GRAVE! 

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