Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sophia's Brazilian Easter Egg

We have had lots going on lately, so just today I finally took time to look at some photos Felipe took on Easter Sunday.

Here in Brazil, the tradition is for children to receive a big chocolate Easter egg on Easter or around the holiday. So this year Sophia got her very first chocolate Brazilian Easter egg.  Last Easter she was still under one and was not eating sweets yet. :-)

On Easter Sunday, after going to church and a special Easter lunch with our YWAM family, Sophia got to open her big, Brazilian chocolate Easter egg!   This egg was extra special because inside the egg was a surprise toy from the movie Toy Story - which just happens to be one of Sophia's (and Daddy's) favorite movies.    

I wanted to share a few cute shots here of Sophia enjoying her first Brazilian Easter egg here on our blog!
What excitement!
Examining the egg wrapped in foil... What is this Mommy???
She loved the Buzz Lightyear toy that came inside the egg!
Sophia already knows what is good in life - chocolate!

Chocolate Easter Bunny whiskers!

She made a mess but loved every minute!

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