Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stories about Sophia Grace

In honor of our daughter's 2nd birthday coming up soon (on May 6th), I wanted to write a post documenting a few stories about our fun-loving princess, Sophia Grace. 

So many people who are very dear to us live MUCH too far away...  I miss sharing the little things, the cute stories and every day simple joys of life with our sweet little girl. So here I will attempt to share a bit of our family life with you.
The Batman T-Shirt
While in the USA last fall, I went shopping with my mom one day.  Knowing my husband Felipe absolutely loves the movie Batman , I bought him a Batman t-shirt on sale at Kohl's for 8 dollars!  Great deal!  A week later, we were out shopping again at Old Navy and Felipe found a matching baby Batman t-shirt.  Felipe really wanted to buy it for Sophia, so of course we got it. 

Surprisingly, Sophia has developed an obsession for her Batman t-shirt.
  If you ask, "Sophia, what do you want to wear today?"  She will say, "Batman shirt, Batman shirt." 
 She has even cried a number of times and also ransacked her drawers to try to find her beloved Batman t-shirt. If Felipe just happens to put on his Batman t-shirt, Sophia will proceed to take off the shirt she is wearing and then asks to wear her Batman t-shirt to match Felipe.  It is SUPER cute!  Sophia wants to be like her Daddy!

The difficult thing about this Batman t-shirt is that sometimes it is dirty (therefore not available to be worn) and it is also a long-sleeve t-shirt.  It seems like Sophia ALWAYS wants to wear it on extremely HOT days too, which we have a lot of here in Brazil.  Thankfully my sister recently bought her another Batman t-shirt that is short-sleeves and it is in the mail on its way to Brazil right now.  Sophia is going to LOVE that package!

A Few of Her Favorite Things ...

Sophia loves ice cream, which she lovingly calls "i-beam!"
Sophia loves homemade popsicles too - straight out of the freezer.

Sophia loves to eat and she especially loves fruit!  Her favorites are bananas, mangoes and papayas, which we have in abundance here in Brazil!  It is wonderful because the fruit here is super cheap and very yummy!

One of Sophia's favorite places to play is on Mommy and Daddy's bed.  She climbs into our bed and covers herself up saying, "Night night!"  Many days, just after I have made the bed, Sophia comes along and "unmakes" it for me.

Sophia is super attached to her Pooh Bear lovey.   Pooh Bear is her favorite stuffed animal and sleeps with her every night.

Sophia loves watching Toy Story, Curious George, Boz the Bear and Mickey Mouse.

Sophia's favorite book has got to be Brown Bear - and she already reads along repeating some of the text in the book.  She also loves the book Good Night Moon!  We read stories every night before bedtime.

Sophia's two favorite songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Oh Happy Day!

(This video was taken in January. Sophia is now singing even more words of the song!)

Sophia loves to wear BIG flowers in her hair.

Sophia is obsessed with bubbles and she even manages to blow some, which is quite impressive coordination for a little girl who is not even 2 yet.

One of Sophia's favorite things to do is dance with Daddy!

 Sophia Says...
Sophia is really talking up a storm!  She speaks mostly in English, but also says several things in Portuguese.  She surprises us constantly with her growing vocabulary and ability to communicate.   We are focusing on teaching her English at home and naturally she will learn Portuguese here in Brazil.

At the moment the phrase that Sophia most likes to say is,
"Oh No!"  She says this with much expression, drama and often with a loud gasp!
"(GASP), OH NO!"

When Sophia gives kisses she then will say, "Hug?" and then she gives a BIG hug!

When Sophia sees a guitar she says, "Sing song! Sing song!"

Sophia is doing a good job remembering to say "thank you" and "please" and recently it seems she is saying "thank you" constantly and for everything - even for the littlest of things.  I am proud of her manners!

Sophia loves her cat Amora.  Often she will see Amora laying on the couch sleeping and she will say, "Aww, CUTE!"

Sophia really enjoys praying.  She is already praying by herself and sometimes even leading us in prayer at meal times and before naps and bedtime. Her prayers often go like this (with head bowed, hands folded and eyes all squint-up, peeking through)...
 "God...Thank you..."  And then she begins to list random things, "...breabuh (bread), food, Mommy, Daddy, Meow (what she calls our cat Amora), Humble (the dog)..... AMEN!"  
She usually lifts both hands up in the air when saying amen too! 

The Word "help"
At the moment, the word Sophia is having the most difficulty pronouncing is the word "help".  Sophia does not put the "p" sound at the end of the word, so she ends up actually saying (yes you guessed it) "hell".  We are correcting and correcting her, strongly accenting the ending "p" sound, but she STILL has not quite gotten it...

  We are quite thankful that many Brazilians have no clue as to what she is saying, but it is also quite funny and cute too.  She is so serious and very sincerely asking for "help" daily but it comes out more like this, "Hell, hell,  Mommy, hell!"

Hope you enjoyed some of these fun stories about our sweet Sophia!  It is so hard to believe that she will be 2 years old in just a little over a week.   Time really flies! 

We are so thankful to have this precious, funny and active little gift of life in our family.  God uses her to teach and bless us SO much!  When I look at my beautiful Sophia Grace my heart is full of such joy and love....
 My cup truly overflows with thankfulness and the goodness of God!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Laura. Just boo hooing over here crying. Thank you for letting me in on all her "little things" that make her all together lovely and special! I love these stories and treasure them with you. She is so precious and I love her even though I don't get to see her. I love her as I do you! She is so precious. I can't wait to meet baby #2!