Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celebrating Sophia!

Today our Sophia Grace turned 2 years old!  

 It seems like just yesterday she was born.  Sophia's first hours of life, May 6, 2010...

Last year, 1 year old, celebrating her birthday at the zoo with Tia Renata e Vovo!

And today, 2 years old and enjoying opening a few gifts at home with mommy and daddy!

Yesterday we also celebrated Sophia's life with a little party.
Enjoy seeing this SUPER post with LOTS of photos of Sophia and friends celebrating her 2nd birthday!

Sophia and I preparing candies for the party.  I loved this Brazilian style of wrapping the candies in these papers.  Felipe's mom bought this for the party!

Pretty Brazilian candies and Smarties from the USA!!!

We invited our Lighthouse Community Center family (the ministry we serve with) and lots of GIRLS to the party!!  It was definitely a "girly" party with a princess and flower theme and purple and pick everywhere!  

Felipe's mom also ordered this cake.  Isn't it beautiful?  It was very tasty too!

Sophia's cute reaction to the cake!

Some special guests we invited to the party were the girls who participate in my girls group here at the Lighthouse.  They absolutely LOVE Sophia!

 Sophia often "drops in" on our girls' group and plays with all the girls, so they were super excited to be invited to her birthday party to play and celebrate with us!

I made a pinata (yesterday was 5 de Maio too) and the girls really enjoyed this!


 The girls from our group had so much fun that they did not want to go home after the party!  I had to eventually send them home,  and they were the last ones to leave.

Some of the "little" girls who came to the party (who are around Sophia's age).

Playing with sidewalk chalk from the USA...  a gift from my sister Becky! 

Some family shots!  
Sophia looked SO pretty in her party dress, which my sister Elizabeth sent from the USA too! :-)

Praying over our sweet Sophia while Tia Renata (Felipe's sister) helped us hold her... Sophia was super attached to Renata the whole party long.  She loves her aunt and was so happy Renata was at the party!

Singing "Happy Birthday" in both Portuguese and English...

Helping Sophia blow out her candle.  She was actually scared of the flame and held tight to Felipe.

Then all the kids gathered around to give Sophia presents!

Sophia really loves books so she even stopped in the middle of opening gifts to enjoy a new book she had received!

We enjoyed our weekend of celebrating our sweet Sophia Grace!  
She brings so much joy and laughter to our lives and we praise God for another year of her life!

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  1. Thank for this post. This is very very special for me too. I love you, my friends!