Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Lighthouse Community Center!

This past weekend we threw a BIG birthday party here at the Lighthouse Community Center to celebrate 20 years of ministry!  

Friends, supporters, and most importantly all the children and families from the slum were invited to celebrate God's faithfulness to the Lighthouse these 20 years!  Enjoy seeing a glimpse of this fun-filled day! 

There were games, food and fun for the whole family!


Even many of the adults joined in and played a few games!

One of my favorite photos of the day! This is Angela.  She is the mother of one of the girls in my group.  She had a blast jumping on the trampoline!

This is where Sophia spent a lot of her time during the party - in a little house full of plastic balls.  She loved playing here with some of her friends who came to the party too!

The party was kind of like a big fair.  People purchased tickets for super cheap to play games and buy the delicious food and snacks!  I was helping in the ticket booth to sell the tickets and we were VERY busy!

Yummy Brazilian food!

 Felipe spoke towards the end of the party, giving a little word about the purpose of the Lighthouse Community Center.  He shared that the reason the Lighthouse exists is because God loves each and every person living in the slum and has a dream for each person's life. 
 Felipe also led everyone in a time of prayer and then we sang "Happy Birthday" to the Lighthouse.  The party ended with delicious birthday cake for everyone!  It was a great celebration!

 We as a ministry wanted to do this party as a celebration with the community.  The Lighthouse Community Center is a place in the slum where everyone can come and encounter God's love and learn what is means to be His child.  During this party we truly celebrated as a family, as a community, and as children being free to enjoy the fun, simple and good things in life.  We saw MUCH joy on this day!

We estimated that about 200 people came to the party, and even during the party we heard many adults talking about how the Lighthouse Community Center has impacted their lives personally over the years.

It is our prayer that God will continue to use the ministry of the Lighthouse Community Center here in the slum of Cafezal for many many MORE years to come.   May the Lighthouse be a LIGHT leading many to God's transforming love and real relationship with Jesus Christ!

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