Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making a Difference!

 I am co-leading a girls group here at the Lighthouse Community Center.  One of the focuses of the group this year is to teach the girls this...
 They have the power and ability to make a difference in their community and even in the world!  

We want to really encourage the girls to allow God to use their lives, to treat others with love and respect and to do things to bless and impact their own community - the slum where they live.

Many times we see an indifference in the people of the slum.  No one wants to take responsibility or take action to bring positive change to the community.  There is much blame put on the government and the following mindset is present in almost everyone - "This is how it has always been and will always be - why try to change?"

  We want to show the girls through little actions, choices and attitudes they can bring great change to their lives, to their community and to the world.
  The girls can make a difference!

Together with the girls we talked about some of the problems we see in the slum and  we also brainstormed a list of  ideas of simple things we can do as a group to help bring change in these problematic situations.

One problem that is very real in the slum is drug use and drug trafficking.  We can not solve this problem, but we CAN pray for the people involved and encourage them to turn to God and NOT to drugs.  

We came up with the idea to make posters of encouragement and put them up around the slum.  These simple signs would hopefully speak to the hearts of the people who are using drugs and are involved in drug trafficking.

Last Thursday the girls spent time very thoughtfully making creative signs with messages of hope and love.

This sign says "God is your friend."

 Yesterday we went walking around in the slum, as a group (and with 2 guys from the Lighthouse)  and put the signs up in various visible places.

We put this sign near the bus stop, so lots of people will see the sign here.
The sign says, "Look to God, not to drugs.  God is with you!"

Hanging a sign outside the little local grocery market.

  Choosing which sign to hang up...

We walked down the street where 2 of the girls in our group live.  They told us that many people hang out and use drugs near this tree, especially at night.  The girls wanted to hang one of their signs here in this spot.

 While we were walking around, we also went to visit an elderly lady to give her one of the signs to cheer her up.  Sander (one of the missionaries at the Lighthouse) visits the lady on a regular basis and thought the lady would love to receive a visit and a poster from our group.

We walked down an alleyway to get to the humble home...

 Some scenery along the way...

 We arrived at the house and the elderly lady was not at home...

We decided to surprise her and leave the poster we made on her front door.  
This poster says, " God - He is your best friend.  He is always by your side -always when you need Him."
Beautiful, simply beautiful!  I loved the message on this sign!

 We hope to go back to visit this lonely elderly lady and do something else to bless her life.  We also have plans to do a community outreach project in a local daycare center.  We are preparing a drama and dance to present to the children there.  We want to teach them about the value of helping others and showing kindness.

We are proud of our girls and how they are making a difference in the slum! 

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