Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To Be A Blessing

The missionary in charge of Youth With A Mission Belo Horizonte's admissions department is in the USA for a month, and I am her temporary replacement while she is out of the office.  

This job entails all kinds of various tasks such as: 
Corresponding by email with volunteers, teams, and prospective students, passing on information to interested parties, keeping communication flowing between the admissions office and the ministries and schools of our YWAM base, and facilitating the process of students and volunteers acceptance and arrivals.

All of this correspondence is done in both English and Portuguese, so I am being stretched in the area of writing in Portuguese .  Speaking in Portuguese is much different than writing in Portuguese. I am growing in my Portuguese writing skills for sure!

As you can see, part of the admissions office was moved into our house!
I have the admissions department computer and a few of the main files- this way I can work from home.

So for the next month my life is even MORE busy!  I may write less updates and blog posts, as I will be spending more of my time working on the admissions computer, rather than my own personal computer. Sophia's nap times are now intense working times for me, and Felipe is also helping care for Sophia when he can.  He is the best daddy and such a supportive husband!  I am so thankful for him!

When I prayed about taking on this job (for just a month) I must say I was very hesitant to say "yes."  Yet, I felt God encouraging me to be a blessing.

There are moments that we need to say "no" and take care of ourselves and our families.  We all have personal limits that we need to respect.  However, I also believe there are moments when God wants us to lay down our rights, sacrifice, and serve to be a blessing.  Through those times of giving of ourselves God desires to grow us, teach us and use us in new ways. It is in the risk taking and stepping out of our comfort zones that we grow...

It is a VERY BUSY season for me, but I also know I am growing and learning and I am enjoying this new challenge.
Please pray for me! For wisdom, strength in my new schedule and for God to help me manage my time well - as I have less time during the next month to juggle managing the household side of my life.   My house may be a little more messy during the next month, but that's okay - it is just for a month!

In July my sister, brother in-law and nephews will be visiting us here in Brazil and we will take some days off to spend quality time with them.  I am really looking forward to this!

To be able to really rest after this SUPER busy season is going to be a blessing to me... and to spend precious time with my dear and missed loved ones is a priceless gift!

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