Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 1st - Our Day in Photos!

Enjoy the first post of
Our Day in Photos!

7:00 - Humble, the Lighthouse dog, eating his breakfast.

8:00 -  Leading our team in a time of worship.  We have a special worship time every Friday morning and it is one of my favorite times of the week. It's such a great way to start the day!

9:00 - Sophia watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Mommy and Daddy are working on a few things...

10:00 - Felipe leading the Lighthouse Community Center team in our weekly staff meeting.

11:00 - Sophia playing with play-doh for the first time ever!  We borrowed the play-doh and play-doh tools from the Lighthouse, and Sophia absolutely LOVED it!  This was her obsession the rest of the day!

12:00 - Lunch time! Typical Brazilian beans and rice, sausage, salad, potato salad, and pineapple bits.  Yummy!

 1:00 - Doing some housework for a little while after lunch.

2:00 -   A quiet house.  Sophia was napping, Felipe was out at his driving lesson and I was working on the computer with a few things I am doing for the YWAM admissions department.

3:00 -  Felipe preparing the afternoon coffee for our meetings with YWAM base leaders Johan and Jeannette Lukasse.  Check out their blog here!

4:00-  Johan met with Felipe to discuss leadership related stuff and to complete a work evaluation, evaluating Felipe's performance as the leader of the Lighthouse.  Johan is a great support to Felipe and excellent example of a leader.  Felipe always enjoys talking with Johan and learning from his wisdom.

5:00 - While Felipe and Johan were meeting, Johan's wife Jeannette and I met to talk and pray together.  I have two prayer partners (with missionaries who serve at YWAM Belo Horizonte) and Jeannette is one of them.  We get together every other week or so, and it has been a really encouraging time for me.  I am learning a lot from Jeannette who has been in missions for over 25 years (she and Johan are the founders of YWAM Belo Horizonte) and she raised all her 5 children on the mission field.  She has much wisdom from all her experiences.
Sophia woke up by about 4:15 and from then on we ALL played with play-doh until 5:00.  Fun! :-)

6:00 - Computer time...  
One of Sophia's favorite things to do is sit with me while I work on my laptop.  Being pregnant, this is the most comfortable way for me to be on the computer - laying down in my comfy bed. Sophia LOVES snuggling up with me as I work.  In one window I am responding quickly to a few emails, while she watches a little video in another.

It was a good day!

I got the idea to make this blog post from some missionaries who serve in Indonesia.   When I saw this idea on their blog, I really liked it. 
 It's such a creative way to share our everyday lives serving as missionaries in Brazil - and of course you know that we LOVE photos!   I am planning to try to post "Our Day in Photos"  every month on the 1st of each month - for the rest of the year.


  1. I loved the last picture! Miss you!

  2. Love this Laura! I especially love the pic of you and Sophia! I wish Lydia enjoyed that too lol! I wish I could see Sophia in person now! She's so cute and growing up!! You look excited for baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!