Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Family Getaway - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As I shared in earlier posts, my sister Becky, her husband and two sons were recently here in Brazil visiting us for a few weeks.  They wanted to travel to see a bit more of Brazil, so they chose to visit the beautiful state of Rio de Janeiro.  We were invited to come along on their family trip to spend more quality time together and to have a little break from our missions work.

First we did a quick stop in the one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Rio de Janeiro.

My sister and her family went to see Sugar Loaf Mountain, with Felipe as the tour guide.   Sophia and I rested at the hostel.

Felipe enjoyed taking some night photos of the city.   Many people go to Sugar Loaf mountain at sunset to see the beauty of the city at this time of the day.

At the hostel where we were staying, monkeys often come during breakfast hours to enjoy fresh fruit left for them on the window ledge.  It was so fun to eat breakfast together with these monkeys!  Felipe got some great shots of them.

We also visited the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue!

The Shillington family and the Matias family...

The view of the city of Rio de Janeiro from the Christ Statue.

My favorite photo of the day!  I love my sweet Sophia...

After spending one night and two days in the city of Rio de Janeiro, we traveled to a smaller coastal town called Buzios, which is also in the state of Rio de Janeiro.  My brother-in-law rented a house for our two families to stay in for the week.  The amazing view from the house alone was so breath-taking and peaceful.  It was a great place to rest and spend quality time together.

Sophia had an accident in the city of Rio de Janeiro.  It was actually on the day that we traveled from Rio de Janeiro to Buzios.  She fell (while sitting in a high chair in a small restaurant) and hit the back of her head really hard on the first step of a stairway.  We rushed her to the hospital where she got 7 stitches in her head , x-rays and then was under observance for many hours.  It was a traumatic day for her (and us), but we made it through by the grace of God.  Thanks to all of you who were praying for us and for her recovery!

During our week in Buzios it was such a blessing to be staying in such in a peaceful and lovely house.  Sophia could rest well during the days following her injury.  She is now doing great and completely back to her normal playful and active self - Praise God!  She was really pitiful for a few days though...

We really enjoyed hanging out around the house.

Sophia and my nephews absolutely loved playing around the pool area, even though it was a little too chilly (in my opinion) to swim lots.

Felipe took this panoramic photo by taking several photos and then putting them together later, like pieces of a puzzle - that is why there are 2 shots of Sophia in the photo.  Cool huh?

I love this photo!  It was actually quite cold on this day, but Shawn jumped into the pool for the boys!

Buzios is a beautiful area!  Here are a few photos Felipe took while out hiking on some nature trails.

 A night shot in the downtown area of Buzios.

 This photo captures an authentic cultural moment of our trip. Some kids spontaneously started dancing Capoeira in a city square in Buzios.  It was a fun moment and they were quite impressive with their dancing skills!

On another outing, we also met a native Brazilian indian.  He and Felipe shared a typical tea from his tribe and sat and chatted for a while.

Some shots with our new friend!

Unfortunately the weather was often chilly and a bit rainy during our time in Buzios so we spent less time on the beaches that we thought we would.  We did visit a few of the beaches in the area though...

I could have spent hours on this calm beach.

On a beach called Geriba, in the rain...

This beach was named "Praia Raiva" or "Angry Beach" and the waves here were super strong and angry.

Having some fun at a local restaurant!

Sophia really LOVED spending so much time with Aunt Becky, Uncle Shawn and her cousins Ben and Will.  On this specific afternoon Sophia just wanted to give out hugs.

Saying goodbye is always hard, but we are very thankful for the time we were able to have with my family visiting us here in Brazil.   Time with loved ones who live so far away is truly precious. The next visitor coming to see us is my mom, who will be coming for the arrival of our 2nd baby girl who is due some time around September 15th.  My mom arrives August 29th and will stay for a month!  What a blessing!

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