Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd - Our day in Photos

7:15 - We left our house to go to a special breakfast to welcome the new Discipleship Training School (DTS) students to Youth With A Mission, Belo Horizonte - Brazil.  The leadership from the various ministries of YWAM Belo Horizonte were invited.  To read about about our DTS click here.  We would love for you to come to Brazil to participate in his life changing school! 

Sophia enjoyed playing with the other missionary kids while we waited for the breakfast to officially begin.

8:00 - Time to eat!  It was a delicious meal and wonderful fellowship!

9:00 -  Felipe went into the city to run some errands for the Lighthouse while Sophia and I stopped quickly at the fruit and vegetable shop on our way home.

10:00 - Catching up with the laundry.  

I was doing laundry off and on all day today.  In this photo I am taking down some of my tablecloths.  We had them made for cheap (for my wedding a few years ago) and now we use them often for events here.  Last week we used them to decorate the graduation ceremony of the Foundations of Community Development (FCD) School - another great YWAM training school.  I did this school last year and I really enjoyed it.

And yes, you guessed it, we do NOT have clothes dryers here in Brazil.  Actually, very few people even own them.  All of our clothing air-drys on a clothes line outside.
11:00 - Working on my cleaning project of the day.  All our suitcases and random storage stuff (that usually lives here in this space attached to our house) was moved away.  Today my goal was to sweep, wash down and reorganize this area.  There was TONS of trash, dirt and dust under here!  This is my before photo...

12:00- Felipe went out for a special 2 hour driving lesson.  It was his last lesson before his official driving test, which he has tomorrow - July 3rd.  Please pray for him!  It is very hard to get your license on the first try here in Belo Horizonte.  The standards are set very high.

1:00 - Sophia playing after lunch.  Always after she finishes eating she likes to play in the Lighthouse dining area - she runs around, lays on the ground, dances and talks with everyone. 

Sophia and Andreia (a missionary who serves with us) enjoy playing together often!  Sophia loves her "Tia Deia" (that is what she calls her).

2:00 -  Sophia is down for her nap and I am back to work.  After responding to some work related emails I get back to cleaning!   

Here in Brazil cleaning is quite different than in the USA.  I swept really well and then I threw water (with cleaning disinfectant) on the floor and scrubbed down the whole area with a broom.  I then cleaned up the excess water and threw it out.  After that I mopped (using water with cleaning disinfectant).  To mop you always use a cleaning cloth and a squeegee. It is quite a process. I do love the fact you can literally wash down your floors here though with water!

3:00  -  Felipe is back to work... This time he is doing some practical work around the Lighthouse.  Here Felipe is setting up a bed for the bedroom we are preparing for my sister and her husband.  On Thursday, my sister, brother-in-law and 2 nephews are arriving here in Belo Horizonte.  They will be visiting us for 2 weeks!  I am super excited about this!

 4:00 - Felipe meeting with Maarten, a missionary from Holland who works with us here at the Lighthouse.  Felipe spends a lot of his time in meetings.

5:00 - I was actually out of the house... I drove Cida, the leader of the Lighthouse kitchen, to the grocery store to buy groceries and various supplies for the ministry of the Lighthouse.  I have been serving the ministry a lot through driving.

6:00 - Felipe and I worked together to finish organizing our storage spot.  YAY!   I am one happy momma!  I am definitely feeling the ever-so-famous "nesting feelings" this week. I want everything clean and organized!

7:00 -  Getting Sophia ready for bed!

Brushing Sophie's teeth.  She is doing so good with this lately and I am thankful. It used to be such a fight to brush her teeth.

Story time!  I love ending the day like this...

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