Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Dream - A Library at the Lighthouse

We have a dream...
(Actually, Felipe and I have been dreaming about this for years, along with missionaries who serve with us...)
We would LOVE to have a LIBRARY here at the Lighthouse Community Center
  so that the children in the community can have access to books and educational resources.  

Earlier this year,  Jonathan, the leader of YWAM Belo Horizonte's Communication department, joined together with us to help us raise money to start a library project.

Jonathan and his friend Evert (who was visiting from Holland) made a video to present at Evert's church,  Free Baptist Church Bethel, which is located in the city of Drachten, Holland.  The whole purpose of the video was to launch a fundraiser at Evert's church to help us raise funds to start a library at the Lighthouse

Below is the video...  It is in Dutch, but some parts are in English.  Also the images of the Lighthouse and the slum (where we live and serve) are so beautiful. You can really see a bit of the reality of life here through the video.  
 (Felipe and I were helping out during the filming, so you may see us in the video too.) 

Filming in the slum...

In the video, they talked with a boy who has participated for years here at the Lighthouse.  He lives in this tiny shack with his mother and brother.

During the making of the video the children were encouraged to write down a dream they have.  We discovered that one of the girls in my group, named Sabrina, had a dream to go to the ZOO!  I wrote a little more about this on another blog post- click here to read! Sabrina had never been to the zoo before and her big dream was to go to the zoo to see the animals!

 We all really wanted to help Sabrina's dream to come true, so we planned a group trip to the zoo, with Jonathan's help.   Jonathan also made a video documenting a bit of this day, and we used this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who donated at Free Baptist Church Bethel (by video).  They raised a very generous offering that will help us to begin buying resources and more books for our dream library.  We are just beginning to invest in our Library dream!  Very exciting!

Below is the thank you video, in Dutch.  It is beautiful as ever with video images of our time at the zoo with the girls from my girls group!


Thank you Evert for visiting and taking this dream back to your church.  Thank you Free Baptist Church Bethel for partnering together with us to bring God's love and hope to the children and teens living in a slum in Brazil, in a very practical way - by helping the Lighthouse Community Center to start a library.  We sincerely appreciate your partnership and prayers.

May God bless you greatly!

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