Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Official, Felipe is a Driver!

This past Friday afternoon Felipe received his driving license in the mail! 

After months of classes and driving lessons, Felipe passed his driving test, which he took  on August 11th.  After waiting a week , his official driving license document arrived in the mail at our house. 

Felipe was SUPER happy when the license arrived! He was like a little kid at Christmas!

This afternoon Felipe had a driving test to be approved to drive the YWAM VW van (or as we call it here in Brazil - a kombi). Felipe passed his YWAM driving test too!  Felipe will now have the responsibility and privilege of serving the ministry of the Lighthouse Community Center through driving.  

We don't have our own personal family car yet (we are praying one day this will be a reality), but we are SUPER blessed to be able to borrow the faithful YWAM VW van when we need to.  We are also thankful and rejoicing because now Felipe can actually drive me to the hospital when our baby girl is born!  He got his license just in time because our baby girl is due mid- September.   Very soon - less than a month away!  

We praise God for this accomplishment and that Felipe was able to achieve his personal goal of obtaining his driving license!

Rejoice with those who rejoice...
~ Romans 12:15 ~

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