Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Last Two Weeks!

It's been two weeks since we got home from  Rio de Janeiro and life has been a whirlwind!
God has been doing lots in our lives personally and also in our ministry here at the Lighthouse Community Center.

Party Time!
On July 21st, we got back home to a FULL house!  Upon our arrival there was a BIG party going on at the Lighthouse Community Center.  This party was open for the community to come into the Lighthouse grounds and enjoy time together as a family.  
We praise God for the way we can open our doors for various events such as these.  It is through opening our doors that we can build relationships with the people living here in the slum with us. So many deeply need to encounter the LOVE of God and through events like these we have great opportunities.

The Go Team
Upon our return we also met the Go Team from YWAM in Holland.  This team arrived here at the Lighthouse while we were traveling and spent a little over two weeks here serving in various ways.  They were a huge blessing!  To see more photos of the Go Team click here

Sophia's Stitches
Sophia got 7 stitches taken out of the back of her head... She is doing great by the way and has totally recovered from her head injury.  We are thankful!

The Lighthouse Olympics
We held our annual Olympic Games here at the Lighthouse Community Center, with much help and organization from the Go Team.  

Felipe was the leader of the CUBA Olympic Team!

 Felipe chose CUBA as the nation he wanted to represent during the Olympics in honor of my sister Elizabeth who lives and works in Cuba. 

Felipe really enjoyed working with the kids and playing alongside them!

The kids had SO MUCH FUN during the week of Olympics here at the Lighthouse!

To see more photos that Felipe took during the Lighthouse Olympics games click here.

Girls Group
I also had an awesome time with some precious kids this week.
My American teaching partner (Alynena) and I officially ended our girls group this past week.  To finish off our group we did lots of special things with our girls.  More photos of this coming soon...

Our Growing Baby Girl
I am just 6 weeks away from my due date and feeling it!  Starting now I will be working less and preparing more for our baby girl who is due on September 15th.   That is just next month - I can hardly believe it!

Personal Crisis...
We also had a crisis happen this week concerning us personally.   On Wednesday we discovered that my bank information was stolen while on our trip in the Rio de Janeiro area.   Someone, somehow made a fake bank card with all my bank info and began using it in the Rio area stealing LOTS of money from us.  Once we realized this was going on we contacted our bank immediately.   

This was extremely shocking and scary for us.  Please pray for this situation, as it is still under investigation.  Thankfully it looks hopeful that we will get the money back as it was clearly fraud.

I am extremely thankful for my parents who have spent hours at our bank in the USA, on our behalf, working hard to resolve this situation.  Needless to say, the past few days for us have been quite stressful and emotional dealing with all this, but in the midst of it all God is showing us so much of His love and faithfulness. 

 Our YWAM community has been praying for us, and Felipe's family and dear friends blessed us by buying us much needed groceries and diapers for Sophia.  We have no access to our bank account at the moment so things are tight for us financially, but God is faithful!  

In a crisis situation simple acts of kindness mean SO MUCH!  I have cried A LOT the last few days just reflecting on the tender CARE and LOVE of our Father and how He uses His people to express that so beautifully!

Also in the midst of this crisis Felipe has spoken so much life and truth over us as a family.
I am beyond words thankful for a husband, the head of our home, who stands on the WORD of God in the face of adversity.   The truth Felipe declared over us (and I really stood on this the last few days) is this: GOD is our inheritance!   

In the end of this life, God is ALL we have and need. He is EVERYTHING to us.
One day we will spend eternity with Him, with no need of money.
He is our HOPE!  He is our LIFE!
  He is our INHERITANCE!  This is the TRUTH!
  GOD is the the ONE we hold on to in the midst of the STORM and He is FAITHFUL!

I was encouraged by these powerful truths this week and I hope you will be too!

Please be in prayer for us and also THANK YOU for your friendship, love and interest in our lives and ministry in Brazil!

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