Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Month of Celebrations!

Every year during the month of August we have a lot to celebrate...  
August is the Matias Family's month of celebrations!

First we celebrate our wedding Anniversary, which is August 7th.  This year we celebrated 3 years of marriage with homemade gifts and a simple candle-lite dinner (which we set up inside a classroom here at the Lighthouse).  It was wonderful! 

I framed the vows I made to Felipe on our wedding day, and Felipe drew this picture for me...

Felipe also made this sweet slideshow video.  I love the song he chose...

This year, on August 11th, Felipe passed his driving exam and officially became a driver.

August 12th was Father's Day here in Brazil.
As a Father's Day gift, I made a fun blog post, on Sophia's behalf...

On August 25th, my wonderful and thoughtful friend Kelly threw me a diaper shower to celebrate our baby girl who is almost here!  It was such a great afternoon hanging out with friends.  I felt very loved and was blessed with lots of diapers!  Thanks girls!

Felipe and I both celebrate our birthdays during the month of August too!  
This year I turned 33 (on August 15th) and Felipe turned 29 (on August 28th).   On Felipe's birthday some of the boys from the slum came in to wish Felipe "Feliz Aniversario" by egging him. Egging someone and also throwing flour on the person is a fun birthday tradition among kids here in Brazil. This year, Felipe just got egged - no flour... 

Here is a photo of Felipe in his new birthday shirt (from my sister Becky), with his two new coffee mugs (of his favorite soccer team - São Paulo).  He loved these gifts!

We also are celebrating the arrival of my mom.  She arrived in Brazil on August 29th and will stay until the end of September to help us during the arrival of our soon to be born baby girl.  

My mom also showered us with birthday and baby gifts from friends and loved ones in the USA.  Thanks SO much everyone!  We are extremely thankful for all the blessings and much needed items!

Now that my mom is here, we already have taken advantage of having free childcare.  We decided to have one last romantic date night out (before our baby girl arrives) to celebrate all the special August dates.

We went to a nice Brazilian Steakhouse, and we go here only on VERY special occasions.  Like any good Brazilian, Felipe loves steak and really enjoys eating Brazilian barbecue.  This is one of his favorite places to eat.

August was full of many reasons to celebrate life and God's goodness and faithfulness to us as a family.  We are THANKFUL!  
We are now looking forward to the next BIG celebration... The arrival of our daughter, who is due to be born sometime in the next 2 weeks!

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  1. It seems like you had a wonderful month of August!
    All the best for September to your family! :)