Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7th - Our Day in Photos

7:30 am -  I open the door to Sophia's room and find her in this dress.  Since waking up she's proceeded to take off her pajamas and diaper and then dress herself! Her dress is on backwards, but she did pretty good.

8:30 am - I am making breakfast - french toast with homemade bread!  We often will eat french toast on the weekends and since today is Independence Day here in Brazil (and we have the day off), I decided to make a special breakfast.  

9:30 am -  Felipe spent some time during the morning hours working on some video stuff.  He is currently filming footage for a video about our work here in the slum and the YWAM Photography School he is planning to participate in this January.  He is borrowing our friend Kelly's awesome camera for the weekend to be able to do this.  Thanks Kelly!
 Sophia is "helping" Daddy and enjoying seeing some video footage of herself on the TV!

10:00 am - My mom made a call using Skype to talk with my dad back in the USA.

11:00 am - We were in the YWAM Kombi van on our way to visit Felipe's family.  We decided to visit them today since we all had the day off from work.
We got stuck in some traffic along the way.

Many people in the downtown area of the city were enjoying their day off and celebrating the holiday by attending the Annual Independence Parade.

11:45 am -  We arrived at Felipe's family's apartment.

12:15 pm - Sophia is helping Grammy give out gifts she brought from the USA for Felipe's family.

We ate a traditional Brazilian lunch and spent the afternoon hours just visiting.  Sophia loved spending time with her beloved Aunt Renata!

Here I am showing Renata my new point and shoot camera!  My old and faithful camera broke recently.  I actually I bought it back in 2007 when I began my adventure here in Brazil!

My family surprised me with a new simple point and shoot for my birthday!  Perfect for me!  I am so thankful for this, as I have NO CLUE how to use Felipe's fancy professional level camera.  Now I can take photos again and we have a little handy video camera too! :-)

4:00 pm - We are back home!
 Felipe is opening the gate to drive into the Lighthouse Community Center.  Most places are gated and protected with high walls here in Brazil for security purposes.  This is a normal part of our daily life, opening and closing this big green gate to drive in and out of the Lighthouse.

5:00 pm - After we got back home my mom, Sophia and I take some time to rest and have some down time.  I went and laid down because at this point in my pregnancy laying down is the most comfortable position.  I am 39 weeks pregnant today!

Sophia laid in the bed with me for a while watching a little video on the computer, while I read. Felipe is out in the slum filming for his video again.  He wanted to film during the best hours of lighting.  Our home is nice and quiet and very peaceful...

 6:00 pm - It's started getting dark and Felipe arrived back from filming footage in the slum...

7:30 pm -  A late dinner!    Felipe ordered a few sandwiches from a nearby sandwich shop and they were delivered here by a delivery boy on motorbike.

Here is a look at hamburgers Brazilian style!  There are lots of little potato fries on them.

I was not in the mood for a sandwich tonight and was craving southern comfort food, so my mom made me some grits ( from the USA) and scrambled eggs! 

8:00 pm - Felipe put Sophia to bed (a little later than usual).  As I was working on this post, I think I may be starting to get contractions.  They started around 5:00 pm and feel stronger than the Braxton Hicks contractions I normally have.  Could this be just a false alarm?

 We shall see.  Time will tell.
  Maybe our Jessica Hope is on her way...

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