Friday, October 5, 2012

A Baby Goat at the Lighthouse!

As I have mentioned on our blog before, we often have a pair of goats (owned by a neighbor) grazing here on the Lighthouse Community Center property.
About a week after I got home from the hospital, a friend of ours came rushing over to our home early one morning with the news that the female goat was giving birth to a baby goat and here at the Lighthouse.

 Here he is... a male kid!
Isn't he cute?

The baby goat is very sweet and friendly!  Last Sunday afternoon, when these photos were taken, the kid came right up to us to be petted and rubbed, clearly asking for attention. The mother was a little nervous about our interaction with him.  She allowed it, but looked on warily.

The past few days I noticed that the goats were not been coming to the Lighthouse and I just found out why this afternoon.  Our neighbor, the owner of the goats, managed to sell this goat family of three for a nice price of $1,000 Reais (which is currently about $495 USD). 
I was thinking about this little baby goat and my newborn baby girl.  I was reminded of the beauty of NEW LIFE and the GREATNESS of God.  As I have gazed at my newborn and at this sweet baby goat, I have been in awe of my wonderful God, who is an all powerful creator. It is a mystery how he forms life in the secret place. Simply a pure miracle.

And what immeasurable JOY new life brings! WOW!  My Jessie, a bundle of fresh new life, brings such joy to our hearts!  And on that sunny Sunday, as Sophia and I spent time playing with the baby goat, what JOY the little goat brought to Sophia's heart as well.

  It was such a unique and special experience for us to see this baby goat after his birth and to watch him develop during his first days of life.
We will miss the goats here at the Lighthouse!

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