Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Photo Shoots

We have had two family photo shoots in the last month!    
I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures here.  Enjoy!

Photo Shoot with FELIPE

My mom left Brazil this past Monday to go back to the USA.  We miss her dearly already and are extremely thankful she was able to come and be with us during the birth of our Jessica Hope.   Just before my mom left Felipe did a little photo shoot with us (as long as our two little girls lasted).   For fun. we all wore my mom's favorite color - purple! 

My absolute favorite photo of the day...  Our Sleeping Beauty!

Sophia laughing with Grammy!

Purple Fun!

Photo Shoot with KELLY

When Jessie was just 11 days old our dear friend and amazing photographer, Kelly Van den Brink*, did a newborn photo shoot with her (in a classroom turned studio here at the Lighthouse).  What was meant to be just a newborn baby photo shoot turned into a full family photo shoot.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from Kelly's photo shoot... There were so many amazing photos of this day, so here comes a lot of photos...

The Bible is opened to Psalm 127, one of my favorite Psalms.
"Children are a heritage from the Lord..."

Sophia woke up from her afternoon nap and came straight over to the classroom to see the photo shoot in session. Lately, Sophia has been going through a phase where she does not like to have her picture taken at all!   However, on this day, she wanted to join in on the fun and play in front of the camera.  This was totally unexpected!  

Sophia joined in on this photo shoot - messy hair, diaper (it was a hot afternoon so we let her sleep in just her diaper), dirty feet and all...  While Kelly was taking the photos the mommy in me wanted to fix Sophia up (put some clothes on her and brush and fix her hair), but I also knew it could ruin the special moment. Sophia was in such a good mood and having SO much fun having her picture taken!

I love this shot of the girls together.  Sweet sisters!

Princess Sophia!

At the last minute we decided to do a family shot too.  I love my family of four!
I am in awe and amazed by the goodness of God and how He has blessed us and given us such JOY in being a family.  Thankful...

*Kelly Van den Brink is an amazing photographer. If you live in the Belo Horizonte area and want someone to take family shots please hire her.  She loves taking photos of children and families and does a wonderful job, as you can see here.  

To contact Kelly - go here to her facebook photography page or email her at

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