Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kids With A Camera

This week a new project called Kids With A Camera was launched here at the Lighthouse Community Center.

Meet Louise, the mastermind behind this new work!

Louise is from Germany and studied photography for four years in Scotland.  She now works at an Outdoor Christian Adventure Camp in Scotland.  Louise is spending the next two months as a volunteer here at the Lighthouse teaching photography skills to a special group of kids who live here in the slum.  

For many years now Louise has had a desire to start up a project like this, where underprivileged children from different countries and backgrounds have the opportunity to learn a new skill and get the chance to share their stories through the medium of photography.

Soon her teammate Ellie (who works with her in Scotland) will arrive here in Brazil
to join the Kids With A Camera team.

 Felipe is also a part of this project.  He is the official translator for Louise and is also lending his photography skills to benefit the group.  Felipe is really enjoying teaching and talking with the children about photography.

There are a total of eight children in the Kids With A Camera group (four boys and four girls) which runs Monday and Wednesday mornings here at the Lighthouse.  These kids spend time in the classroom learning various photography techniques and then the kids go out and apply the skills they learn taking photos.

  As part of the project, each child received their own personal camera to take photos with!  Many people in Scotland donated money and used cameras to help run Kids With A Camera here in Brazil.  Thank you!!!

The kids absolutely love having their own camera to take photos!  They can even take their camera home with them during the week to practice their photography skills.  If the kids participate well and show responsibility, then they will be able to keep the camera at the end of this two month group.  What a great incentive!

Stay tuned as we will be updating more here about the Kids With A Camera project during the next two months!

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