Monday, October 22, 2012

A Weekend at New Destiny Camp

This past weekend the Kids With A Camera photography group went to a Christian adventure camp called New Destiny.  The kids had a great weekend doing all kinds of adventurous activities. 

Check out these fun photos of the weekend!

The ropes course was a good challenge...

There was much joy and many smiles during the whole camp experience!

The kids participated in many teamwork themed activities.

During the forest activities me and my girls enjoyed walking a bit. It felt so good to spend some time outside in nature.  I hadn't realized how much I had missed it!

It was so awesome to see friendships strengthened...

...and teamwork and trust developing more in the group.

Zip-lining over the water!

Felipe filmed some with this video camera on the zip-line!

The children also took photos with their cameras during the camp!

Canoeing in the lake!

The kids loved swimming between adventure activities.  Sophia and I even got in the water!

It was also nice to relax at the main house where we were staying.  Everyone loved the hammocks!

The staff leading the activities at New Destiny were amazing with the kids.  They shared Christ continually through their actions and attitudes and were teaching many Christian principles during the whole camp experience.  The kids even participated in a worship service led by the camp staff on Saturday night and also received special certificates upon the completion of the adventure camp.

Here are some proud kids! 
During this camp the children overcame many challenges and worked together as a team.  They absolutely LOVED New Destiny Camp and were very blessed to have had this experience. 

On the drive back home to Belo Horizonte, Felipe made a quick 30 minute stop at a quaint little shop on the side of the road.  It was an excellent spot to take some photos. 

It's great to see these kids with a camera using their photography skills!


The kids were truly thankful for the past weekend at New Destiny Camp.

  We know that many people have given of themselves financially and through prayer to help make this experience possible, and for this we say thank you...  So many members of the body of Christ together contributed to make an impact in the lives of underprivileged children living in a slums of Brazil. 

 Personally, I loved seeing these children blessed and experiencing such a great weekend.  When we actually arrived at the camp Friday night, the children were amazed and could not believe their eyes. 
 "We are going to stay here?  Really?"  They asked.
 It was like they could not believe that the place was for them.  They all cheered in excitement as we arrived at the camp!

Meditating on this I think about how the Lord longs to bless us, yet many times it is hard for us to believe.  We may even respond in the same ways as these kids saying, 
"Really Lord?  You want to bless me?"

We don't deserve His blessings, but because of His great LOVE and amazing GRACE He pours it out anyway... 
I loved seeing God pour out His LOVE and GRACE over these precious kids over the weekend. 
May they always remember the memories they made and the great LOVE and JOY of the Lord that they experienced during their special weekend at New Destiny Camp.

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  1. I love New Destiny and my friend Morven who runs it. She and the team are a blessing from God!