Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17th - Our Day in Photos

7:45 -  I woke up to this beautiful little girl sleeping peacefully beside me... 

7:55-  Felipe is preparing our breakfast these days, making coffee and getting breakfast on the table.  After dragging myself out of bed (I had a long night with many wake-ups from sweet Jessie), I was super surprised to see this yummy banana bread waiting for me.  The Lighthouse cook made it yesterday for a ladies group, but there was a little bit leftover! This made me happy!  It's the little things... 

8:15 -  Sophia having fun in the shower!

9:15 - Felipe working with his photography group, Kids With A Camera! Check out the website here.   
There are now 10 kids in this special group, 5 boys and 5 girls. This weekend we will be taking the group to a Christian Adventure Camp called New Destiny for the weekend.  We are excited! Please pray that the children will have a great weekend and that God will move in new ways in their lives. 

9:45 - Soothing Jessie down to sleep. This little one loves to be held.  We spend a lot of time holding her.

10:00 - Got Jessie settled down in her little bed now... Yay!

I pulled out a fun activity for Sophia, the Aquadoodle, a hand-me-down from her cousins.  

Both girls were busy so I attempted to get a little cleaning done...
In the meantime, look who found mommy's camera?

 11:00 -  We went outside to play with the kids in the Lighthouse park!

Sophia then went to play with Sara Joy, another missionary kid who lives here at the Lighthouse!

 11:30 - Felipe watched both girls for me so I could work for a few minutes translating some documents into English for the Lighthouse.

12:00 -  Jessie is being passed around and enjoying all the snuggles.

Our yummy lunch! 

1:00 - Look at all the dishes! Didn't get too far with washing up before being interrupted by my two precious daughters.

2:00 -  Sophia is down for her nap and Felipe is wearing Jessie so I can have some time to get a few things done.  It is such a blessing to live where we work.  Felipe can help out with the kids at various times which is such a relief and help to me.  Thankful...

 2:15 - Finally finished washing the dishes. Much better!

Felipe is overseeing the students from the Children At Risk course, who are serving a few afternoons here at the Lighthouse.  The students are working hard to prepare for a children's program they run on Monday afternoons.

2:30 - Had some quiet time... It is so good just to stop and be still before the Lord, which is more challenging now with two little ones.   Thankful for some alone time today with the word of God, worship music and a nice cup of tea.  It is been on my heart for a while to memorize 1 Corinthians 13, so I finally got it written out and posted up in our bedroom.

3:45 - Eating a banana bread snack after nap time!  I love my girlies!

4:45 - The Lighthouse leaders meeting together.

6:30 - An after dinner chat with a few people here at the Lighthouse.

Jessie is fast asleep... again...  She spends most of the day just sleeping and eating.  
She is so sweet! 

7:00 - Daddy playing around with Sophia before bedtime.

7:30 - Felipe put Sophia to bed, and then we gave Jessie a quick bath.  She does not like baths... Can you tell?

  Time to settle down for the night and hopefully sleep soon.  I am one sleepy momma, but oh so thankful...  I love my family and I am thankful to the Lord for His constant care, love, and faithfulness to us.  
To Him be all the glory, honor and praise!

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