Monday, November 26, 2012

Kids With A Camera Photo Exhibition

Yesterday was the Photo Exhibition for the Kids With A Camera photography group.
Since you couldn't make it to the exhibition, we would like to invite you to come to it now...  Do you have some time?  Just take a quick look at the exhibition and some photos of our afternoon through this blog post.  You won't regret it! Enjoy the show!

The kids were super proud to show off their photos! 
Vitor was especially excited about this day.  He was the first kid to arrive at the Lighthouse at 9:30 Sunday morning,  pumped and ready to get everything prepared for the exhibition.  Vitor really has valued the photography group and has become a very talented photographer.  We are proud of this guy!

Felipe drove everyone up to a big square at the top of the slum, where the Photography Exposition took place.

The children's photos were hung on this fence surrounding a soccer court in the main square.

 Here are some shots of the the photos  on display.  These photos were especially selected for the exhibition and are some of the best  pictures the children took.  They really are impressive!

This description about the project was also hung up (in Portuguese) to to explain a bit about the photography project to those passing by.

Kids with a Camera – Villa Cafezal 2012

The Kids With A Camera project was established by a God-given desire within one girl, Louise McWilliam, who has a real passion not only for photography but also for what can be voiced through captured moments.

Louise has led the Kids with a Camera Team alongside Felipe Matias, who is an amazing photographer and has been the chief translator for the group! Without him this project would not have been possible! Together they have spent the past two months working alongside 9 children from Villa Cafezal...Felipe, Raphael, Carlos Daniel, Webert, Raine, Ana Precila, Larissa, Sabrina, and Vitor. Today we see the finished results of their work in the form of the Kids With A Camera exhibition! Here is the story so far from Kids With A Camera...we hope you enjoy the exhibition! 

The project's vision was to bring light to the lives of the children in this teach them something develop their draw out their potential and to highlight their lives through the moments that they capture on a camera! And that is exactly what has happened.

Week by week we have come to see a true commitment from these children to come to class regularly each Monday and Wednesday morning. They have listened, they have learned, they have understood and the team behind the Kids With A Camera project have been truly blessed to see them not just develop their skills in photography but also work together as a little team!

It has been a privilege to be involved in something like this and to meet with and spend time with this talented group of children. We hope you enjoy the results of their work as much as we have enjoyed discipling them in photography!

With love from The Kids With A Camera Team 2012

Many people passed by to admire the beautiful images that were put on display.  It was nice to talk with the various children, teens and adults that came by to look at the photos.  The square is situated right across from a main bus stop so many people stopped to look at the photos after getting off the bus. 

Sophia, Jessie and I even came out to support the kids and to see the Exhibition. 

A fun family shot to document the day!

During the photo exhibition, Sophia really enjoyed running around and playing in the square...

While a few boys from the photography group enjoyed playing soccer (to pass the time). 

The girls just hung out...

And Felipe enjoyed  playing around with his camera and taking photos during the exhibition.
Here are some shots he captured during the afternoon.

We are especially thankful for these two special volunteers, Louise (left) and Ellie (right).  They worked hard to put together the Kids With the Camera photography group.   They actually helped to make this whole project happen and because of this, these children's lives have been deeply impacted through this whole experience!  Thanks girls!

 We hope you enjoyed visiting the photo exhibition and seeing a bit of our day through this post.   
We are extremely proud of the accomplishments the kids have made!


  1. Wauw, everytime i read the blogs about this project i am touched. Amazing how you guys use your talents to help the children discover their own talent.... to make a different in their lives. And the pictures of the children are amazing. I am sure they will NEVER forget this time! Forever this picture of this time will be in their memory..... I hope they never stop making pictures, pictures of their own life, and pictures of others. And you guys keep up the good work..... in whatever place you will be! Gods BLESS! Hug Annet (ex-CAR school, coming staff Renascer)

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