Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28th - Our Day in Photos

7:10 - Since we put up our little Christmas tree and lights last Sunday, Sophia is surprised by them every morning.  She walks out of her room and says all excited, "Christmas! Christmas!"  

This morning she was asking me to turn on the Christmas lights, but I was busy with Jessie.  Suddenly I heard Sophia yelling, "I did it! I did it!"  When I came into the living room, Sophia had figured out how to turn the lights on.  I told her, "Good job Sophia!  Yes, you did it!"  Sophia responded, "Yeah...Mama, it's beautiful. It's beautiful," as she looked up at the lights.  Felipe caught this moment in a photo. So sweet!

7:45 - Doing hair!  Sophia does not like for me to do her hair. Sometimes she really puts up a fight.  Distracting her with a little video here while trying to fix her hair.

8:30 -Thanksgiving Breakfast with the Lighthouse team.

Marcelo and Melina (a Brazilian missionary couple who serve here at the Lighthouse) treated us to a special surprise Thanksgiving breakfast this morning (even though it is a week after the American Thanksgiving).  It was super delicious and very thoughtful!   After we enjoyed the food we all shared things God has done in our lives this year and praised and thanked Him for these things.  I loved spending this "Thanksgiving" time with my Lighthouse team (my family away from family). 

Trying to keep Sophia quiet and focused on praying during our Thanksgiving blessing...

10:15 - Today was the last day of the photography group.  Both Louise (the leader of the project) and Ellie (a volunteer helping out) will be returning to Scotland tomorrow.

The kids enjoyed a little goodbye party with some cake and a fun video of their camp at New Destiny Adventure Camp.  During this last group session they also got to choose one of the printed photos that they took (left over from the Photo Exhibition) and also take home a digital camera to keep.  Each child will be able to continue practicing their photography skills with their very own camera.

Felipe is planning to mentor and continue teaching photography skills to a few of the boys on a more individual level, while also investing in their lives. Cool huh?

A fun arm wrestling match in the middle of the goodbye party.

11:30 - We had a special visit from a special person today.  Our dear friend Kelly came by to visit and have lunch.  Sophia was super happy to see her Aunt Kelly and she wanted her undivided attention from the moment she arrived.

 Jessie liked spending time with Kelly too.  She gave her lots of smiles!

12:00 -  Sophia sitting with her buddy Sara Joy at lunch!

12:30 -  Everyday, as soon as Sophia finishes her lunch she rushes over to see the newest addition of the Lighthouse family.  A missionary couple who lives here at the Lighthouse (Marcelo & Melina) recently got a pug puppy and Sophia plays with her everyday.

1:30 - Sophia was busy playing while Felipe and I visited a bit more with Kelly.  Sophia made a swimming pool (out of the hat) for her castle.  Water got everywhere, but she was having fun!

2:00 - Jessie getting her beauty sleep.  She does this often throughout the day and is becoming more and more beautiful every minute!

3:00 -  Felipe was out at a meeting and my girls were sleeping. Finally a quiet house. After checking emails and facebook quickly, I had a bit of quiet time with the Lord.  This is the song on my heart this week.  I am listening to it over and over. Listened to it again today...

3:30 -  I heard a knock at my door and it was my friend Alex.   I knew she would pass by for a quick visit sometime this week, but I was not sure when. I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon!  Alex lives in Germany, but is traveling through South America for a few months with her husband.  They are on an extended honeymoon!  

4:15 - Once I got Sophia up from her nap, I let her watch some Boz on the computer while I visited with my guests.

I met Alex back in 2007 when I first arrived in Brazil.  She had been a volunteer at the Lighthouse and told me all about the Lighthouse before I even came to work here.  She was a big blessing and great friend to me during my first months in Brazil. It was wonderful to see Alex again today!

5:30 - Daddy got home from his meeting.  Sophia was in a bad mood because she was hungry and she did not want me to take a photo.  She said, "Mama, no picture!"  
Don't you love their matching shirts? Sophia loves to wear her Batman shirt when Felipe wears his.

6:30 - We had a simple spaghetti dinner.  Now Sophia is in a better mood!

7:00 - Felipe having some "Jessie time" while Sophia is having a bath.  

8:00 - Sophia was in bed already and we were doing Jessie's nightly routine.  This is Jessie coming out of the shower.  She loves showers!

Today was a whole LOT more busier than I expected it to be, but definitely a great day!  I really enjoyed the special visits today.  Our lives are rich in relationships and for this I am thankful...

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  1. I love the song! I love ALLLL of these pics and to see your simple! I makes me cry because I miss you. Your life is so blessed there. You are so FULL with love. I am glad that Kelly is there for Sophia. She really loves her so much. You can see that. I love that the Kids With Camera kids each got their OWN camera. That is so awesome! What a great experience for them! I love Sophia's castle. That thing is cool. I would play with her if I was there and we would play with that for sure! Jessie...getting her shower! She is so precious. I can't wait to see you guys!