Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photos by Vitor & Filipe

The Lighthouse soccer school is in the middle of a tournament, with a series of multiple games. Last weekend two boys, from the Kids With A Camera photography group that Felipe works with, were here participating and watching the soccer games.  When they were not on the field they were practicing their photography skills, documenting the tournament with photos.
Check out their awesome shots!

Here are some photos by the talented Vitor.

This is Vitor... He is a sweetie and has really enjoyed the photography group!  He is becoming quite a photographer.
To read a recent post (written by Felipe) about the photography group and Vitor, click here.

 Here are some photos taken by a boy named Filipe.

This is Filipe.  All the kids tease him calling him the Brazilian Justin Beiber. Cute huh?  The boy has style, as you can see in this photo of him.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the impressive photos of two boys from the photography group.  These boys have great potential and we pray that God would use this experience to show them that they are capable of doing many things if they put their mind to it.

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