Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Photos of the Photography Group

Felipe has been enjoying working with the Kids With A Camera photography group.

On this blog post, check out some of the impressive photos that some of the kids have snapped.  As you can see, they are becoming great photographers and are capturing the reality of life in the slum through their photography.  You can see more of their photography work on the Kids With A Camera website.  Just click here to see more photos!

8 years old

This is a shot Sabrina took of her little sister.  She is a cutie!

11 years old 

A cool shot Webert took of a house in the slum.

 13 years old

Here is a fun photo Vitor took of his teacher Felipe.

Ana Priscila
12 years old

Her shot of the street behind the Lighthouse Community Center, which is also the street she lives on.

Carlos Daniel
13 years old

Here is a photo Carlos Daniel took of a guy washing his motorcycle.

11 years old

Rafael and Carlos Daniel are brothers.  Here is a photo Rafael took of some homes in the slum.  As you can see, the houses are built one on top of the other.

Here is another cool shot done by Rafael.  You can see the rain clouds and heavy rain moving in over the city of Belo Horizonte.  This was taken from the Lighthouse Community Center.

And of course, I am including on this post some recent shots Felipe has taken with the kids in the photography group.  Here they are jumping for joy in their new Kids With A Camera t-shirts.

The hills here in Belo Horizonte are no joke. I would not want to drive up that hill...

One of Felipe's favorite shots during a recent outing.
You can see the reflection of the kids in this puddle of water in the street.

The kids in the Kids With A Camera group are absolutely enjoying taking photos and learning about photography.
 Coming soon here on our blog - a story about one of the boys in the group, written by Felipe.  Stay tuned! 

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