Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Cans of Coca-Cola

These Coca-Cola cans with names on them are all the rage here in Brazil at the moment.
Felipe and I were searching for Coca-Cola cans with our names, but instead we came across the names Igor and Hugo.  Immediately Felipe thought of these brothers who live here in the slum and participate here at the Lighthouse Community Center.  We decided to buy the Cokes for the boys as a fun present. The boys loved them and felt so special to receive this gift!

This is a shot of Igor and Hugo's house at night. They live in a tiny, one room shack with their mom just across the street from the Lighthouse. As you can see in the photo they do not even have a door, just a blanket hangs in the doorway.  This is a bit of the reality of life here in the slum - poor living conditions and no father figure at home.

We are thankful we can bring a bit of joy to this community and invest in the lives of children like Igor and Hugo through our ongoing relationships with them. God's love for them is immensely great and He has a wonderful hope and future for their lives...  We share these truths with the children continually.

It's also pretty cool how two cans of Coca-Cola can be used to share the love, care and joy of the Lord.  God uses simple acts of random kindness in BIG ways...


  1. That is so awesome Laura!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wauw, I really love this story! When I read your posts, I wish I was still in Brazil. The three weeks, together with our GO-team, were amazing!