Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas Day in Photos

For the month of December, I had the idea to show our Christmas day in photos. 

It's a holiday so your not supposed to worry about time, right?  What´s most important is enjoying the gift of being together with family and friends, so here are some photos highlighting our day.  I am not sure what time we did what, but I do know we had a wonderful Christmas!

Just after Sophia and I woke up... Daddy and Jessie were still sleeping.
It´s Christmas day!!!!!!!!!!

Getting Jessie dressed in her "My First Christmas" shirt from Aunt Jessica.

Chocolate chip pancakes for Christmas breakfast.

Singing a few Christmas Carols after breakfast!

Jessie waiting for the present opening to begin!

Sophia opening her main Christmas gift from Felipe and I, a Belle Disney princess doll.

She was in awe!  Sophia loves anything princess!

Jessie opening her gift from her namesake, Aunt Jessica!

Jessie loved her new custom made bib and blankie!

Opening presents!

Felipe enjoying his favorite gift this year - BOOKS!  I got him A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

First Christmas as sisters...

Cooking and getting things ready for our Christmas lunch.

Rice made Brazilian style...  I prayed over this rice because sometimes my Brazilian rice does not turn out the best, but this rice turned out great! Yay!

 Opening presents with Tia Renata!

Sophia showing off her new shoes and "princess dress'' that she got from Tia Renata and Vovo!


Our simple and delicious Christmas meal!

It was super hot here in Brazil as it is summertime, so we enjoyed eating lunch outside!
We celebrated with Felipe´s family and a few people from our team -  Joyce (from Holland), her husband Aldenito (from Bahia, Brazil), their daughter Sara Joy, and Andreia (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Desserts after our special lunch!

Enjoying  my baby girl! She is the greatest gift God gave to our family in 2012.
We are thankful for our sweet Jessie!

The ladies talking...

Joyce and Sara relaxing in our hammock.

Funny faces!

Vovo and Jessie!

A family photo, but the girls were not in the mood to take photos.

Super tired after a busy day visiting... and no nap time.

Eating leftovers for dinner with Daddy.

Ending the day watching the Nativity Story.  We want this to be one of our family traditions as a way to focus on remembering the story of Jesus´ birth.

We hope you enjoyed seeing how we celebrated December 25th, 2012 here in Brazil!
We hope your Christmas days have been abundantly blessed celebrating with loved ones and remembering the true reason for the season...


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  2. So much fun seeing these pics. I can't wait to see your family grow over the next four months. Praying God will bless your journey! - Beth