Monday, December 10, 2012

The End of a Season

We are ending a big season of our lives...  
Felipe is no longer the leader of the Lighthouse Community Center.

Today we had a special time with the Lighthouse team, a time of prayerfully passing on the leadership of the ministry to the new leaders of the Lighthouse Community Center.  Felipe will no longer be the main leader of the ministry.  He has been in the process of passing on the leadership for some time now, meeting with the new leaders, encouraging them and helping to make this transition as good and smooth as possible. Today was the last finalizing moment of passing this role on, through a special time of prayer- consecrating everything to the Lord.

The new leaders of the Lighthouse team are already doing a great job and we know God has raised them up to carry on the vision and purposes that He has for the ministry of the Lighthouse Community Center.  

2012 Lighthouse Team

This morning, during this special time of prayer, I was suddenly hit with the fact that this is the end of a BIG season of our lives.  Felipe has been the leader of the Lighthouse since before I came to work here in 2008.  I also helped out in leadership for several years, as a co-leader by Felipe's side.  I actually stepped down from leadership earlier this year, in anticipation of Jessie's arrival.
Now both of us are no longer in the leadership here at the Lighthouse.  It seems a little weird, but also exciting!  God is leading us in new ways and has great plans for us as a family in missions!  New things are on the horizon!

So what's in the future for us?

Well, first we are going to the USA for a while... Felipe will be doing a photography course at the YWAM Kona base in Hawaii (if you don't know about this see the video here and  read about it here).  While in the USA we will also visit family and friends in the Carolinas. 

Once we return to Brazil in May, Felipe will continue to serve in a leadership role with YWAM Belo Horizonte as the Community Center Coordinator.  This role entails leading meetings among the leaders of the four different YWAM Community Centers, offering support, giving advice and counsel, and helping to develop vision and ideas. 

These are the YWAM Community Centers that Felipe is directly working with:
  To read more about each ministry, simply click on the name of the project above.

Felipe is also a part of YWAM Belo Horizonte's base council, which is a small group of leaders/elders that come together to make important decisions about our ministry as a YWAM base.  

Felipe is also praying about how he can better use his photography skills in the future.  During Felipe's time in the upcoming photography course, he hopes God will give him more ideas and vision for this.

I am still praying about the future and how I can be involved in the missions work here at YWAM Belo Horizonte.   I have several ideas and there are ALWAYS lots of possibilities for me to serve, but I want to prayerfully decide how I spend my time.  Now I am the mommy of two precious little girls and I will probably spend less time working and more time focusing on serving my family.  Being a mommy is a pretty awesome job!

Felipe and I will still live here in the slum, Vila Cafezal, at the Lighthouse Community Center.  We will also be involved with the team and activities here at the Lighthouse, only our roles have changed here quite a bit.  
Change is GOOD!
  Change challenges us and moves us into new places. We are excited and expectant to see all the Lord has for us in the seasons to come! 

Yet one thing remains the same...
We know God has called us to Brazil to work in poor communities,
 reaching out to children living in at-risk situations.
We give our lives to share the amazing love, everlasting hope and saving message of Jesus Christ.

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  1. I am so excited to see how God will use you in the new opportunities He has opened up for you. Felipe is so gifted with his photography and you are so wise to realize that God has you in a new season. Please let us know when you will be in the states. I would love to have you address this topic with our Tuesday ladies. We are all in transition in one way or another, you and Felipe have navigated these changes with God's grace evident every step of the way. Blessings to you and your precious family.
    Lisa Bailey