Friday, January 25, 2013

God Cares about the Details...

God cares about the smallest details in our lives...  The needs we have, the deep desires, and yes even the littlest, most particular and peculiar wants.  He knows us SO intimately.

I want to share a quick story of how God reminded me of this just this week...

Here at YWAM Kona there is a little shop called the "Boutique" which is a second hand, thrift store with no prices.  Yes, that's right, EVERYTHING in the store is FREE!  Anything you want, you can just take - no strings attached. It's awesome!
I am experiencing major culture shock with this. In Brazil, household items, clothes, toys, well almost everything is SUPER expensive, so to be able to get cute items at the Boutique and for FREE -this is absolutely mind blowing!

The beloved Boutique is also such a blessing for us as a family (and many others) being far away from home. I am making our living space much more cozy and homey thanks to the Boutique.  As of yesterday we now have a bathmat, some more silverware, a plastic divider for the silverware drawer,  two proper plates and even this nifty yellow bowl (which might even come home to Brazil with us).

Look at all the books too!  I have found lots of great children's books here.

Sophia enjoys playing at the Boutique, which is helpful as she is totally occupied while I can focus on shopping!

Here are some of the toy treasures Sophia and I found together at the Boutique.

The beauty of it all is that we can use this stuff (during this short season), and then when we leave we can donate everything we don't want to take on with us... and believe me, we will be donating LOTS back!

Yesterday, while sorting through the goods at the Boutique, I stumbled across a box that was a mix of random items. As I dug through the box I discovered this sleeping mask and right away I thought, "God you are awesome!"

Now this is not just any sleeping mask. This sleeping mask just happens to be exactly like a sleeping mask I had used for years (until it had completely worn out and the band broke). I had inherited it as a hand-me-down from a friend in YWAM.

For years now I searched and even purchased other sleeping masks to replace it, but they all just did not compare to my faithful red.  They were too tight and just didn't feel as nice and comfy.   

This is something so small, so particular, actually something a little strange about me... For a few years now I have been desiring a new sleeping mask- just like my old red one. So when I found this sleeping mask at the Boutique (and BRAND NEW at that), I stood amazed at God.  He knows me, knows my desires (even the really strange and peculiar ones), He loves me and does the impossible to give blessings.

When Felipe got home from his class I said, "You will not believe what I found today at the Boutique!" I whipped out the eye mask and he too was amazed.
We both marveled together in our God who truly cares about the details...
This little red sleeping mask is definitely a small (yet BIG) demonstration of how God cares about the details.  It was a pure love gift from my generous Father - along with all the other gifts He has given us through the Boutique and through being here at YWAM Kona.

God is SO faithful to provide and He proves this over and over to us...  Even in the challenges (like loosing my wallet the other week), He takes such tender care of us.
What a wonderful and personal God! 
We praise Him for His provision and blessings!


  1. Love this story. He who did not spare His own son...


  2. Oh yes, He is in the tiniest details. Oh to realize HOW VERY MUCH GOD LOVES US! Thank you for sharing this story, Laura. Enjoy Hawaii...another gift from God.