Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22nd - Our Day in Photos

 6:35 -  Sophia and Daddy praying for breakfast.
Life begins pretty early here at YWAM Kona.  Felipe was already up and out by 6:15 to get our coffee and breakfast from the campus cafeteria.  While Sophia and Felipe ate together, I headed out for an early morning run.

7:25 - Just back from my quick run.. I am trying to get back into running again and I must say, Hawaii is a beautiful place to run.  I ran down by the ocean this morning.

8:00 -  Felipe was already at his class for the daily prayer and intercession time, Sophia was busy playing with some of her toys, Jessie was sitting with me feeding and I read a bit in this free e-book!


 The book is written by Joy Forney, a missionary in Indonesia who is a mother to 5 kids.  She writes on a blog I follow called Grace Full Mama.  If you would like to download this simple and encouraging book just go here to find out how!

8:45 - Sophia enjoying her morning bath.  She loves playing in the BIG built-in bathtub.  At home in Brazil we just have a plastic baby bathtub that we use in our shower.

9:00 - Class time for Felipe!

9:30 -  Fussy baby...  Soothing Jessie down by wearing her.  This is one of her favorite places to sleep.

10:20 -The School of Photography's morning break.

Always drinking coffee!

10:30 - Park time! We try to go out to the park every morning for about an hour so Sophia can have some interaction with other kids. She has made lots of friends!
There is an International Christian School running here at YWAM Kona, and the kids come to the park throughout the day.  This cat was quite popular this morning.

 Jessie and I enjoyed sitting on the bench watching the kids play.  It was a beautiful day...

Sometimes I read a bit while Sophia plays.  I read in Proverbs today.

12:00-  Eating lunch with Felipe's classmates! 

12:45 - Felipe is back in class.  Here are some self-takes he took during the afternoon.

2:00 - Jessie is in a deep deep sleep.  She had a good afternoon nap.

 2:45 - Working on a birthday card to send to Grandpa Bookout.

3:15 - Daddy's home!

 4:15 - One of my favorite places on campus...

I enjoyed some quiet prayer time in the prayer room while Felipe was in the park with the girls.

5:00 - We were standing in line for dinner, and what a line it was!  There are lots of people here at YWAM Kona!

For a while Sophia played around in the grassy area singing and dancing all by herself.  This is a good sign she is feeling more at home here now..

5:45 -Playing in another playground area after dinner.

 6:30 - Back in our room. Sophia was playing with my camera and laughing at all the photos she was taking. We have a rising photographer in our hands!

7:25 - Sisters in pajamas! Time for bed...

We hope you enjoyed seeing our day in photos!  We are enjoying this different rhythm of life here at YWAM Kona.

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