Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25th - Our Day in Photos

6:45- Breakfast time!

8:00 - We rushed out the door to get to Worship on time...

9:30 - While Felipe was in class, I was in our room doing mommy stuff (cleaning and caring for our girls) and attempting to drink a cup of coffee... I think I reheated this coffee about 2 or 3 times before actually drinking just half of it. I had lots of interruptions.  Nice cup huh?  Felipe received it as a gift from a guest teacher (who loves Nikon).

10:30 -Shifting the laundry!  We are enjoying being able to use a clothes dryer while here in the USA.  IN Brazil we don't have a dryer and hang all our clothes on the line. Sophia likes to help me put the quarters in the machine and push the buttons!

11:00 - At the Boutique (2nd hand free store here at YWAM Kona).  Sophia found a car seat, just like the one we have and Sophia was excited about that.  Today I gave Sophia the choice to go play in the park  or to go to the Boutique... She chose the Boutique! 

12:00 - Back home!  Jessie plays on the floor, with this Christmas headband (one of Sophia's finds from the Boutique), while we eat our lunch. 

12:30 - Felipe takes our tray and dishes back to the kitchen.  He scraped our scraps into these buckets for the pigs.  Yes, pigs!!!  YWAM Kona has a pig farm and all the food scraps and leftovers go to feed the pigs they raise here.

12:45- Felipe is back in class and we had some down time in our room.  I try to do this every afternoon with the girls during Felipe's afternoon class session. Sophia plays quietly and Jessie naps off and on...

2:00 - A carrot snack for Sophie.  I am trying to encourage this girl to eat more veggies!

3:00 -  Felipe's class said good bye and prayed for their guest teacher for the past week, renown photographer Stanley Leary (in orange), who is originally from North Carolina! Check out his website here.

3:15 - Playtime!

4:00 - Washing up dishes before heading out to shop.

On Wednesday, Felipe is leaving for a 2 day class field trip around the island to shoot photos. They will even be going to volcanoes and mountainous areas where it gets cold.  Felipe wanted gloves to keep his hands warm as he clicks away!

4:30 - Family field trip to the thrift store!
Funny sidenote:  I said, "Give a thumbs up Sophia!" and she did this, pointy finger up! We need to work on our thumbs up...

Our Salvation Army finds:
Sophia - A POTTY!  We have been doing potty training off and on now for a while.  It has been a roller coaster adventure, with many ups and downs with our stubborn Sophia.  If you have any helpful tips or advice please pass them my way.

For me - I found another handy baby carrier, that way we can do some hiking here.  We already have one carrier so now we have two. We can carry both girls and go exploring!

Felipe - Found his gloves and some golf props for future photography assignments.
We got ALL this for just $12.00!

5:30 - Jessie is super sweet most of the time, but she throws strong fits too!  Meet our angry bird!

6:00 - We decided to have some special family time, since the next 2 weeks Felipe has a busy schedule (with classes, a field trip and kitchen work duty on the weekend). We went down to a nearby beach to eat our dinner and watch the sunset.

 Eating Daddy's nose!

Sophia made a friend at the beach...

6:30 - The sunset.  This is one of my favorite things about being here.  What an amazing God we have!  Thankful!
A beautiful end to the day...

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