Friday, February 8, 2013

Jessie is 5 Months!

Today Jessie is 5 months old!  
Already? Yes!  Time is indeed flying by...

Let me tell you a little more about our precious Jessica Hope, if you have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person yet...

Jessie is an absolute JOY!  
Her personality is super sweet.  She does have angry moments from time to time (when this happens we lovingly call her our "angry bird"), but overall she is a complete sweetheart - happy, laid back and easily satisfied. What a blessing! 

 Jessie loves interacting with people, flashing smiles and showing off her cute dimples.  I must say, I absolutely adore her dimples!  They suit her personality.
Here at YWAM Kona Jessie gets LOTS of attention. People will see Jessie and say, "AWWW... What a beautiful baby!"  Then Jessie will look at the person and give a BIG smile, revealing her charming dimples - Jessie is very friendly!  Next the person will say, "Oh!  She has dimples too.  How cute!"  This has happened so many times I have lost count.

Jessie started out with blue eyes and now they are in the process of gradually turning into a beautiful brown...  The same thing happened with Sophia's eyes.

Jessie  is becoming more and more vocal - in a good way.  She is crying less and talking more.  Check out this video of Jessie talking and squealing up a storm!

Some recent shots Felipe captured of our beautiful baby girl!

Jessie enjoys tummy time and playing - which basically consists of grabbing her toys and putting them in her mouth.

Another thing about Jessie is that she LOVES kisses - which she often receives from her big sister.  

Jessie and Sophia are truly so sweet together!  I love seeing them interact.  Sophia is continuing to do an excellent job with her little sister.  She is kind, gentle and so loving towards her, often playing with Jessie and helping her in little ways - like helping her find her paci.  Sophia also often says, "It's OK baby Jessie," and "She's SO cute!!!"  Sophia genuinely is enjoying having a baby sister. I am VERY thankful sisterhood has been such a smooth transition for Sophia.

Recently Jessie has shown LOTS of interest in food, often intensely eyeing and grabbing at our food during meal times (if she is close enough).  Last week we gave Jessie some rice cereal for the very first time, but she was not too keen on it - as you can see by her expression.  

We will give rice cereal another go again in a few weeks.   This past week we also started introducing a few fruits. So far Jessie really likes gnawing on apples and oranges the best.

More fun facts about Jessie:

Jessie is a major drooler!  She is teething, teething, teething - but no teeth are popping through yet...

A little talent that Jessie has (yes already at 5 months) is that she can make a raspberry sound with her tongue.  If you make this sound for her, she responds with the same sound!  It is very cute!

Jessie is a super snuggler. She loves to sleep snuggled up close - in her baby carrier or her sling or in the bed!  When she is awake she likes to snuggle too. She likes being together and will let just about anyone hold and snuggle with her.
Jessie has an addiction to her paci (mostly when she is sleepy).  This is very helpful to Mommy and Daddy most of the time, but sometimes there are moments where all the pacifiers have magically disappeared (thanks to big sis Sophia playing with them) and then Jessie's angry and impatient side makes an appearance...

Jessie is doing really well with breastfeeding, but she does not like to overeat (just like her Daddy).  When Jessie has a full tummy she is DONE and she shows it. She actually gets fussy to stop eating.

Jessie loves music, especially hip-hop or rap, which Daddy often plays for her to calm her down. And you know what? It works! It's actually quite funny to see how she instantly stops crying when Felipe plays upbeat music for her!

We love our sweet Jessica Hope and we are thoroughly enjoying being a family of four.   
Jessie is a wonderful addition to our family and we are thankful for her precious life!


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