Friday, March 15, 2013

Swimming Pool Closed!

Even though we are in the USA, we are still aware of needs back home in Brazil.

The pool at the Lighthouse Community Center has been out of service for some time now.  During much of 2012 the pool was having complications and then we had to close it.  The Lighthouse Community Center team is now in the process of raising funds to repair the pool.

Please pray for this situation so that the pool can be opened again SOON to bless the people living in the slum of Cafezal.  If you feel led, you can even partner together with us financially to make this happen, just contact us!

Read on to learn more! 

On the Lighthouse grounds we have a swimming pool.
About 10 years ago, a group from Holland raised all the money to construct the pool and the whole structure around it. We use the pool to work with children and we also offer water aerobics classes for the ladies of the slum. 
 The swimming lessons we give are very important because we have the opportunity to teach about safety and overcoming fears, it encourages physical activity in a safe environment, and offers a leisure activity for the people living in the community.  The pool is of great importance because the slum does not have many places that offer swimming or swimming classes.  Also we are able to allow the public schools and other NGOs operating in our community to use the pool.

The vinyl pool has a durability of about 9 years. We have already passed this time span and we are finding more and more holes in the vinyl every day. Repairs are expensive because we need to drain the pool to be able to paste the stickers which close up and block the leaks. Several technicians have told us that it is not worth it to fix the holes anymore, so now we need to replace the whole vinyl.   In addition to replacing the vinyl, the water that was leaking for some time pushed against the structure of the pool and the wall beside it.  Now, we also need to repair this damage.

As you can see, we have emptied the pool to prevent any further damage and then set up this pool repair project.

Pool Repair Budget 
This is a total of about $20,800 US Dollars.

The Challenge
We know the value listed above in our budget is a big challenge. We are seeking individuals, churches, and businesses wishing to contribute. Maybe you can make that commitment or maybe you can help with just a part of the challenge. If you are unable to contribute but know others who might be willing, please send this pool repair project on to them.

We believe the pool adds greatly to our work and we know that even though the value is high, with God all things are possible!


  1. Not all houses have swimming pools, so public pools are the place where people can take a dip and swim. I hope that the situation regarding the pool has been resolved so you can enjoy swimming in the pool again.

  2. I believe that there will be generous hands that will help in the repair of the pool. I can see in your photos that the kids are enjoying the pool and I bet the parents are feeling the same way too. They must’ve been so disappointed when the pool closed. I hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible. By the way, make sure that you’ll seek the help of professionals in the upcoming repair so that you’ll be sure that the damages are properly handled. :)

    -Cathy Newman-

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