Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Exhibition

The School of Photography that Felipe has been participating in is coming to an end.
To commemorate the end of this season, the students displayed their best pieces of photography (taken during the past three months) at an art and photography exhibition here at the YWAM Kona campus.

Felipe and his fellow classmates spent most of Friday prepping and setting up for the exhibition.

Ginta from Latvia.
Gjermund from Norway.

These are a few photos Felipe printed and set up to display at the exhibition.

Meanwhile, I was in our room tending to a pitiful and sick Sophia.  Mid-day Sophia suddenly came down with a high fever.  During Felipe's lunch break we took her to the YWAM Health Clinic where she saw a doctor, we then gave her medicine, she napped and thankfully she began feeling a little better by late afternoon.

The photography and art exhibition ran from 6:00 until 9:00 in the evening. Here are some shots from the event. 

The YWAM School of Illustration displayed their amazing art!

Lots of people came to check out the exhibition.

Each student stood by their photography.

Anna from Texas.
Masha from Russia.

Felipe with his photography display.  He spoke with many people during the night, especially the Brazilians who are here at YWAM Kona. 

Felipe also created this slideshow of photos to show at the exhibition.  It is quite impressive! Check it out!

Here is also a little personal project Felipe did for fun. Take a look at this time-lapse photography of a volcano, revealing one of the many wonders of Hawaii!

At the end of the Exhibition this excellent group shot of the students and staff of the 2013 School of Photography was taken by school leader, Dennis Fahringer.

To congratulate Felipe on the completion of this photography course, the girls and I got him a little balloon and doughnuts, one of Felipe's favorite American treats.

I am proud of Felipe and his accomplishments! 
He has been challenged and has grown as a photographer through participating in the YWAM School of Photography.  We totally recommend this school, so if you want to grow in the Lord and in your own photography skills, click here to check out this awesome YWAM school.

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