Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Adventuresome Whirlwind!

The past two weeks have been an adventuresome whirlwind for our family!

First, Sophia and I got really sick just days before flying out of Hawaii.  Sophia had a fever on and off for 5 days in a row!  We spent our last days in beautiful Hawaii quarantined in our room at YWAM Kona, trying to recover from a mean virus.  While stuck inside we were also busy cleaning and packing 3 months worth of life into our suitcases.  It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate with kids!

Felipe officially finished the YWAM school of Photography on Wednesday, March 27th and received his certificate of completion. YAY!!!  I am proud of him!

Then the next day (which was the Thursday before Good Friday), we flew out of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Sophia and I were feeling a little bit better, but on traveling day Jessie woke up with a high fever.  It was a crazy busy morning as we were trying to take care of our sick baby girl while packing and cleaning our room.  We just barely finished everything in time for our noon check-out at YWAM Kona. 

We then made our way to the airport.  Jessie cried inconsolibly as we experienced the most stressful airline check-in we have ever had. Our bags were too heavy so we had to do some repacking and readjusting.  We even "donated" some of our stuff to a nice lady who worked with the airlines to make our bags lighter.  I was walking back and forth in the airport praying for grace and strength, while trying to soothe Jessie (and myself).  Felipe, who stays calm and thinks so clearly during stressful situations, handled everything for us wonderfully.  He is my knight in shining armor!  He takes good care of his girls.

The girls were troopers traveling while sick.

When we finally made it to our seats on the first airplane, Jessie was fast asleep in my arms and Felipe and I both breathed a sigh of relief.  Our bags were checked and we made it on the plane, just in time!  Whew!  Always an adventure!   Thankfully, Jessie's continual fevers ended up helping her sleep deep most of the trip.  God gave us much much grace to travel with our little girls. 

Sophia enjoyed playing during our layover in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.  These photo were taken about 5:00 am Eastern Standard time and 11:00 pm Hawaii time. 

After three planes and about 16 hours of traveling we arrived in South Carolina on Good Friday morning extremely tired, but happy!  On Saturday Sophia participated in her very first Easter Egg Hunt with her two cousins, Ben and Will.  Sophia was sleepy, but still had fun!

Ben, Sophia, & Will
Sophia loved playing with the plastic eggs.  It was a new experience for her!
Counting eggs...
Grammy was so happy to have Sophia at her church Easter Egg Hunt.

On Sunday we celebrated Easter at Bethesda Presbyterian and also enjoyed spending quality time with family.  We even had another Easter Egg hunt at Grammy's house.

This week we have been doing some practical things that only can be accomplished while in the USA, like sorting through some of my old stuff (to donate it) and also dealing with insurance, my retirement plan from when I was a teacher, applying for a social security number for Jessie, and taxes. You know, really fun stuff like that...

We have been enjoying Grammy and Grandpa's house this week.  The girls are all better, but now Felipe started feeling sick.  Pray he feels better soon.

Our biggest challenge has actually been adjusting to the new time zone.  There is a 6 hour time difference between Hawaii and South Carolina.  It has taken some days, but now we are all pretty much adjusted, except for Jessie.  She is still insisting on staying up late every single night.  Fighting jet-lag is really challenging with a baby!  We have all been quite sleepy this week.

One of the highlights of the week was a fun family outing to a children's museum called Edventure.   There were lots of educational activities in the museum to help children experience learning through play. 

Sophia and Felipe enjoyed playing at the museum!

This weekend I also have some very special plans.  My college roommate, whom I have not seen in years, is coming to visit me.  I am very happy about this little reunion and look forward to catching up with her.

Next week we travel again!
We are driving my mom's mini-van up to the Raleigh area and will be there until the end of April. We will be staying in a guest house at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Knightdale, NC.  God really provided this lodging for us, and we feel extremely blessed by His provision.

If you want to get together over a meal or cup of coffee while we are in town or if you want to invite us to speak at your church, small group or Bible Study, please get in touch with us by email:

We are enjoying the adventures God is blessing us with and we look forward to making more meaningful memories as we spend our spring in the Carolinas

 FYI:  Blogging Break
 Also, just a little notice that I will be taking a blogging break during the next weeks.  I want to focus on spending quality time with family and friends and will be spending less time online during this season in the USA.  If there are less blog posts that means I am occupied spending time with special people, but I will be back very soon to share more news, stories, reflections and updates.

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